Let Your Kid Thrive Outside

Sock Doc Kids Moving

I wrote this article for the June/July edition of Paleo Magazine. For the full text and a lot of other great articles, grab one at Whole Foods or other locations or a digital copy here. The typical kid in today’s world isn’t outside much, and when indoors they’re not moving as much as they should, […]

Breaking Muscle – Build Strong and Stable Ankles for a Strong and Stable Body

strong ankles

Strong ankles are all about supportive shoes and isolated strength exercises, right? No, actually they have nothing to do with either. Those philosophies can even increase your chance of an injury as they don’t allow your foot and ankle to move naturally as they’re intended to. Proper ankle mobility and stability will decrease your risk […]

Breaking Muscle – Breaking Your Fall: Gait Mechanics for Injury Prevention

falling down injured

This winter I’ve treated more patients who have been injured, some rather seriously, due to slipping on ice. Sure, anyone can have bad luck and slip on a sleek surface, but you can increase your odds of staying upright if your brain and your body are communicating well with one another. If you do fall, […]

Breaking Muscle – You Move As Well As You Eat: The Link Between Food and Gait

Gangemi Sock Doc Ironman

Moving with good form requires the right kind of fuel. Simply look at triathletes finishing an Ironman or runners finishing a marathon. Often they are bent over, twisted, and shuffling. Their gait patterns have been broken. Their bodies have been broken. You’d be surprised at how rapidly your gait falls apart when your gas tank […]

Breaking Muscle: How to Use Manual Therapy to Restore Essential Gait Mechanics

athlete gait

Gait – the movement of our limbs during locomotion. Our gait changes as we move faster or slower, as well as when we change terrain. Many people have poor gait mechanics that limit their ability to perform to their fullest potential. Sometimes this limitation results in pain. Other times there may be no pain, but […]

Sock Doc Runners Connect Podcast: Could Eating More Butter Help You Run Faster?

Sock Doc Runners-Connect Podcast

Check out this podcast I recently did with Tina at Runners Connect. We discuss many aspects of running, health, fitness, performance, minimalism, natural movement, and yes, even butter! This podcast covers a lot of material I haven’t discussed in any other podcast. For the direct link at Runners Connect click here. For the iTunes direct […]

Breaking Muscle – Barefoot Basics: How to Regain Your Footing

Barefoot Sock Doc

Most humans have essentially lost their ability to support themselves without secondary support, either because of poorly developed biomechanics or underlying health problems. Walking or running barefoot is an ideal way to improve your proprioception (sense of position) and kinesthetic sense (the feedback your nervous system receives from your feet). Natural, unaltered motions of the […]

Everything in Moderation?

dietary moderation

Moderate Your Holiday Moderation With the holidays now upon us, Halloween through Easter is a long time to play the moderation card and slack off on diet, exercise, and your (hopefully) healthy lifestyle. It’s actually the time when your diet should be the most healthy and “clean” as cold temperatures, travel, and holiday stress are […]

Grinding Away: Bruxism

athlete bruxism

The Night Grind: Bruxism Bruxism – it’s clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth sometimes to the point of actually breaking a tooth. When you’re awake, and conscious, the force your body can produce by grinding your teeth together is around 250 psi (pounds per square inch) in the back molars and 85 psi in […]

VIVOBAREFOOT Trail Freak Review: Awesome Trail Shoes

Sock Doc Vivobarefoot trail freaks

The VIVOBAREFOOT Trail Freak shoes are Vivo’s newest trail shoes and they’re definitely much better than I expected. Well, it’s not that I was expecting them to be bad, just not this awesome. My last pair of Vivo trail shoes was the VIVOBAREFOOT Breatho and they were really nice trail shoes but they never fit […]