Stress: “Make You, Break You”


See the attached PDF for my recent article in Paleo Magazine, April/May 2014 edition. Check out Paleo Magazine for more great articles. Stress: “Make You, Break You”

Fifteen Reasons to Wear a Maximalist Shoe

maximalist shoe

You would rather say “maximal” than “minimal” when pointing to anything below your waist. You’re a trend-follower. Now that maximalist shoes are more popular than ever, you’ll follow suit. You’re secretly hoping that your favorite brand comes out with a glitter model since that’s in style now too. The minimalist thing just didn’t work out […]

Go Hard and Then Go Home

Run hills

Training needs to be hard. Sometimes. Although you shouldn’t subscribe to the “No Pain, No Gain” motto, there is a time to push yourself if you want to be a stronger, faster, and more fit athlete. If you’re stuck in a training rut and not improving, then maybe it’s time to change things up and […]

Sock Doc Video: Wrist and Hand Pain – Natural Treatment & Prevention

Sock Doc Hand Wrist Pain

Video Transcript Dr. Gangemi: Hey, this is Dr. Gangemi. On this Sock Doc video, I want to talk about some wrist and hand issues some people might be dealing with. Especially in today’s computer age, people are sitting at the desk most of the day, and a lot of people have problems. I see a […]

Sock Doc Video: Neck Pain and Injuries – Natural Treatment & Prevention

Sock Doc Neck Pain

Video Transcript Dr. Gangemi: Hey, this is Dr. Gangemi. In this Sock Doc video, I want to talk about some common neck injuries and some neckaches and ailments that many people get. Helping out today is Dr. Melissa Weinberger from New York. Welcome to the studio. Dr. Weinberger: Thanks. Dr. Gangemi: Also known as my […]

Sugar Coating Your Performance

gas analyzer testing athletes

Welcome to Part V of the Sock Doc Essential Guide to Carbohydrates. Part IV was way back in June in which I discussed the hot topic of ketosis in athletes. Parts I-III discussed the many roles, both positive and negative, of carbohydrates in an athlete’s diet. The gist of the story is that you want […]

VIVOBAREFOOT Gobi Review: Get Around In Style

Gobi Black Vivobarefoot

The Vivobarefoot Gobi marks my first-ever pair of casual boots,  and they’ve definitely exceeded my expectations. The Gobi is super comfortable, lightweight, and is exactly what I look for in a minimalist-type shoe – unrestricted movement and unaltered proprioception.

The Athlete’s Adrenal Glands

athlete adrenal glands

Your adrenal glands are small walnut-sized glands that sit on top of each kidney. Though they only weigh three to five grams, they’re responsible for producing hormones to provide your body with sufficient energy, balance blood sugar, fight inflammation, regulate electrolytes, maintain libido, sustain blood pressure, and provide your body with a host of other […]

This Is Why You’re Still Injured

injured runner

Injuries suck, that’s all there is to it. Oh, but there’s more. Injuries are a big reason as to why an athlete can’t get past a certain performance ceiling. If you’re training improperly as you try to take your fitness to the next level you’re probably going to get injured sooner or later. That injury […]

Sock Doc Podcast With PaleoRunner

sock doc podcast

Check out my most recent podcast with Aaron Olson at I discuss stretching (well, not stretching), orthotics (umm, not using orthotics), minimalist/barefoot running, injury treatment and prevention, and a bunch of other great info. You can also Listen to the podcast in a new window or download (Right click to save).