VIVOBAREFOOT Mata Review: Barefoot Comfort

Sock Doc Vivobarefoot Mata

The Mata is Vivobarefoot’s new casual shoe for Spring 2015. It’s a slip-on shoe that is super comfortable to wear. The Vivobarefoot Mata is a leather all-occasion shoe – walking, working, and just an everyday sorta daily activity shoe. Of course, when you need or want to wear shoes.; hopefully you’re truly barefoot as much […]

Soft Star DASH RunAmoc Shoe Review

Soft Star RunAmoc

Soft Star recently sent me a pair of their Soft Star DASH shoes to try out and review. I’ve had a few patients come in with these shoes and they’ve only said good things about them. After wearing the shoes for just a few minutes I kinda thought “these shoes are like a Vitamix”; I […]

NSAIDs – I Still Say Never


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – the infamous NSAIDs – touted by many to curtail inflammation, accelerate healing time, and even improve performance. But over the past several years there’s been more and more research supporting why you probably shouldn’t take an NSAID, due to the inherent dangers and the fact that they really don’t address the […]

Sock Doc Podcast With Liberated Body: “Raising the Bar for What ‘Healthy’ Means”

Listen to an informative podcast here at Liberated Body. Brooke and I discuss: foot health as a gauge of a person’s overall health the recent Vibrams 5 Fingers lawsuit orthotics the dangers of stretching why you want to move your ass often (but not too quickly) the long-term effects of doing only high intensity workouts […]

Sock Doc Podcast #10 At Trail Runner Nation: Digging Deep Into Grab Bag

Podcast #10 at Trail Runner Nation. In this Sock Doc Podcast we discuss: Weirdest thing you have seen on the trail Importance of rest Mitochondrial Bio-genesis Perfume / Cologne debate Consistency in training Do you have the C & D? Foam Rolling You can also listen to the podcast at Trail Runner Nation.

Surgical Intervention: Think Twice Before You Get Knifed Part II: Going Under the Knife

surgery ortho

So you’re still thinking of getting cut open? That’s fine – maybe it’s right for you as long as you’ve fully investigated other treatments and have second opinions as I discussed in Part I. Let’s now talk about what surgery can do to your body because even a surgical incision is no walk in the […]

Surgical Intervention: Think Twice Before You Get Knifed Part I: Making an Informed, Educated Decision

athlete surgery

An injured athlete is sometimes faced with the decision to go under the knife to hopefully rid you of your pain once and for all. With the multitude of diagnostic tests available today it’s often very easy to be convinced that surgery is the only way you will get better. After all, if you see […]

Running the Spartathlon Ultramarathon in a Pair of Sandals

Claus Rasmussen Spartathlon Full Squat

There are a lot of interesting stories from many great athletes out there, yet some of the best ones come from normal everyday people doing extraordinary things. There’s this crazy foot race in Greece called the Spartathlon held every September. Its 246 kilometers which works out to 153 miles for those of you not metric-savvy. […]


Barefoot Sock Doc

See the attached PDF for my recent article in Paleo Magazine, August/September 2014 edition – “Barefoot“. Check out Paleo Magazine for more great articles.   Humans, with rare exception, should be able to function well while barefoot from birth until death. Although sadly many people are unable to walk, run, or stand barefoot even for […]

No, It’s Not Your Hammy

hamstring injuries

The hamstrings are that group of muscles in the back of your thigh that every athlete is familiar with. Simply put, they are three muscles that provide motion to two joints – the hip and the knee. They’re of great importance if you choose to extend your hips, flex your knees, and rotate your lower […]