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  1. STACEY says

    What do you do to heal it right now, it happened about an hour ago I was bending down into my car trying to reach and I knew I was pulling I felt pulling on my calf and I kept stretching further and further and all of a sudden I felt something like it it had torn something or snapped or something and all the sudden all the horrible pain in my back of my calf, is there some kind of treatment without having to go to the hospital and have them do X-rays and all that there’s something I can do maybe we let put a splint or something like that on it could you please help me SocDoc

  2. Ioanna-Maria says

    Hi, i recently diagnosed through xrays with 8mm lenght leg disparency 6mm in femur and 2mm in tibia. my left glute of the longer leg folds more than 1cm higher than the short side and is way smaller than the right one. Also my sacrum is bend to the left where the long leg is and in the xray the right site of the pelvis is higher than the left even if the right site is the short leg. I love to go to yhe gym and lift weights but now that i know i have leg lenght discrepancy i am afraid to do anything.Should i stop lift heavy? or Should i wear a heel lift when i lift heavy?? Do weighted single leg exercises better for my situation? Any advice from u will be very appreciated!!! Thank you

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