Natural Training & Fitness

These articles offer natural training and fitness information and injury-free training techniques and tips. Aerobic and anaerobic training philosophies are discussed as well as unconventional topics such as minimalist (barefoot) running and the dangers of stretching. Achieving a level of desired fitness involves more than just working out. Training needs to be much more specific for optimum fitness whether you're trying to swim faster, run further, or lift heavier. Training isn't only dependent on the amount or type of exercise but a lifestyle adaptation where your overall health plays an important role, especially the need to rest and recover properly.

Fifteen Reasons to Wear a Maximalist Shoe

maximalist shoe

You would rather say “maximal” than “minimal” when pointing to anything below your waist. You’re a trend-follower. Now that maximalist shoes are more popular than ever, you’ll follow suit. You’re secretly hoping that your favorite brand comes out with a glitter model since that’s in style now too. The minimalist thing just didn’t work out […]

Go Hard and Then Go Home

Run hills

Training needs to be hard. Sometimes. Although you shouldn’t subscribe to the “No Pain, No Gain” motto, there is a time to push yourself if you want to be a stronger, faster, and more fit athlete. If you’re stuck in a training rut and not improving, then maybe it’s time to change things up and […]

The Ultra Dilemma

Ultra Racing Sock Doc

In today’s endurance world, covering longer distances has become the new and expected normal. Gone are the days when racing a fast 5K or 10K meant something and we’re even starting to lose the concept that running one marathon is a big deal. Yet much like triathletes feel it’s imperative to race an Ironman as […]

Aerobic Endurance Superiority

cardiac drift running

Aerobic endurance is something I’ve discussed on the sock-doc site many times. Its importance in both fitness and health is often underestimated either because there are news reports citing studies saying too much will harm your health, or athletes neglect the time and effort to put in the training to build the aerobic system and […]

Get More Fit With Two-A-Days

Running Movement Training

It’s about that time of the year when high school and college sports teams begin to start training twice a day, also known as “two-a-days”. For you, training in such a way can make dramatic improvements in your fitness if done correctly. Unfortunately for many, two-a-day workouts add just another factor in the injury equation […]

Consistency: Smart Training

mountain running

Consistency is an important concept when it comes to developing health and fitness. Being consistent with proper training, a healthy diet, and overall lifestyle habits will not only provide improved health and fitness but it will help you remain injury-free too. In this post I want to discuss training consistency. A lot of people lack […]

Stretching is Dangerous – Move Naturally to Achieve Health & Fitness

Ipsilateral Core Stability & Mobility

I must say, and I know this comes to a shock to you Sock Doc veterans out there, stretching is dangerous. Yes I’m talking about the typical static stretching that so many perform before or after exercise. Actually many consider static stretching an exercise of itself. There’s no need to get into why I don’t […]

Make Up Your Mind: Will Running Make You Stronger or Kill You?


Studies, research, and expert opinions – sometimes they support our current training methods and lifestyle choices, and other times they may appear to completely debunk our methods and philosophies. This may lead to uncertainties and fear that we may be on the wrong path of health and fitness. You may read a new book or […]

Lose Your Shoes

shoes on a wire

I recently wrote an article called “Healthy People = Barefoot People” which discusses why barefoot people tend to be healthier than often-shod people and how/why being barefoot can improve your health. It’s a good read – but hey, I wrote it, so of course I’m going to say that. Part of the reason for the […]

MovNat For Kids! Get Your Kids Active & Healthy – Outside!

MovNat Kids Jumping

The typical kid today isn’t outside much, and most aren’t moving as they should be even while they are indoors. They’ve developed awkward, uncoordinated movements as a result of being immobile, wearing modern footwear, and eating a highly processed and nutrient devoid diet. It’s said that one in six kids today will either be born […]