Natural Athletic Training & Fitness

These articles offer natural athletic training and fitness information and injury-free training techniques and tips. Aerobic and anaerobic athletic training philosophies are discussed as well as unconventional topics such as minimalist (barefoot) running and the dangers of stretching. Achieving a level of desired athletic fitness involves more than just working out. Training needs to be much more specific for optimum athletic fitness whether you're trying to swim faster, run further, or lift heavier. Athletic training isn't only dependent on the amount or type of exercise but a lifestyle adaptation where your overall health plays an important role, especially the need to rest and recover properly.

Breaking Muscle: How to Use Manual Therapy to Restore Essential Gait Mechanics

athlete gait

Gait – the movement of our limbs during locomotion. Our gait changes as we move faster or slower, as well as when we change terrain. Many people have poor gait mechanics that limit their ability to perform to their fullest potential. Sometimes this limitation results in pain. Other times there may be no pain, but […]

Breaking Muscle – Barefoot Basics: How to Regain Your Footing

Barefoot Sock Doc

Most humans have essentially lost their ability to support themselves without secondary support, either because of poorly developed biomechanics or underlying health problems. Walking or running barefoot is an ideal way to improve your proprioception (sense of position) and kinesthetic sense (the feedback your nervous system receives from your feet). Natural, unaltered motions of the […]

Running the Spartathlon Ultramarathon in a Pair of Sandals

Claus Rasmussen Spartathlon Full Squat

There are a lot of interesting stories from many great athletes out there, yet some of the best ones come from normal everyday people doing extraordinary things. There’s this crazy foot race in Greece called the Spartathlon held every September. Its 246 kilometers which works out to 153 miles for those of you not metric-savvy. […]


Barefoot Sock Doc

See the attached PDF for my recent article in Paleo Magazine, August/September 2014 edition – “Barefoot“. Check out Paleo Magazine for more great articles.   Humans, with rare exception, should be able to function well while barefoot from birth until death. Although sadly many people are unable to walk, run, or stand barefoot even for […]

Motivation Part III: Why Your Motivation Stinks, Literally

Ironman finish depleted

Often long distance athletes deplete themselves more than any other athletes. I’ve been in this situation more than once during my twenty IronMan races. After some events I just didn’t feel like doing much – didn’t want to train or even get household chores done. Once I got moving I’d do them – but it […]

Motivation Part II: Healing and Optimizing Your Two Brains

brain fats motivation

You may not be fat but hopefully your brain is around 60% fat. Most of this is arachidonic (AA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA) fatty acids. AA fats are my favorite fats and I discuss more on why you want to eat pasture meats, wild fatty fish, butter, and egg yolks here. Not only will you dampen […]

Athlete Motivation Part I: It’s In Both of Your Brains


There are a couple standout ways to become a better athlete yet even more ways in which you can hinder fitness progress and overall performance. Simply put – it’s easier to screw things up. With respect to improving, (making improvements or seeing improvements), proper training and recovery are at the top of that list which […]

Fifteen Reasons to Wear a Maximalist Shoe

maximalist shoe

You would rather say “maximal” than “minimal” when pointing to anything below your waist. You’re a trend-follower. Now that maximalist shoes are more popular than ever, you’ll follow suit. You’re secretly hoping that your favorite brand comes out with a glitter model since that’s in style now too. The minimalist thing just didn’t work out […]

Go Hard and Then Go Home

Run hills

Training needs to be hard. Sometimes. Although you shouldn’t subscribe to the “No Pain, No Gain” motto, there is a time to push yourself if you want to be a stronger, faster, and more fit athlete. If you’re stuck in a training rut and not improving, then maybe it’s time to change things up and […]

The Ultra Dilemma

Ultra Racing Sock Doc

In today’s endurance world, covering longer distances has become the new and expected normal. Gone are the days when racing a fast 5K or 10K meant something and we’re even starting to lose the concept that running one marathon is a big deal. Yet much like triathletes feel it’s imperative to race an Ironman as […]