Sports Injury Prevention, Causes, & Treatment

These articles discuss sports injury prevention, treatment, and causes. Athletes typically develop injuries over time due to training at an intensity or duration beyond what their body can handle in a given period. Improper equipment such as poor footwear and orthotics can cause an injury too. Injuries occur from muscle imbalances which result from the body's inability to handle these types of stress. Conventional therapies and sports injury treatments such as ice, heat, stretching, bracing, NSAIDs, and other drugs rarely benefit an athlete. Often these "go-to" therapies can actually hinder healing and result in increased injury rates. Sports injury prevention involves awareness of the proper training methods, diet, and footwear along with knowledge about muscle imbalances, hormonal imbalances, the impacts of stress, and related issues discussed in these articles. For injured athletes, there are a number of articles related to specific injuries that discuss healthy sports injury treatment methods for specific conditions.

Joint and Tissue Repair – Enough to Make You “GAG”

joint pain

Joint and tissue health is an important topic among many people, especially athletes. Supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and other products are often taken when there is joint pain or degeneration, in hopes that a cure can be found in a bottle. Sometimes these substances work and sometimes they …

Preventing and Healing Stress Fractures & Stress Reactions

stress fx

A stress fracture occurs when there is an overload of stress in a bone because of poor biomechanics and sometimes accompanying nutritional imbalances. Poor biomechanics occur due to muscle imbalances that are a result of mechanical and nutritional problems. Improper footwear is a very common mechanical factor resulting in muscle …

Sock Doc: Natural Treatment & Prevention of Piriformis Syndrome, Low Back Pain, & Sciatica


  Video Transcript Hey, this is Doctor Gangemi, The Sock Doc. In today’s Sock Doc video is on Piriformis syndrome, lower back issues, and sciatic type pain, or what many people perceive as sciatic type pain. Lara O’Brien who is a principal dancer with Carolina Ballet is going to be …

Tendonitis or Bursitis? Natural Treatment & Prevention Regardless of Which “Itis” You Have


“Itis” means inflammation usually as a result of trauma (such as a tendon strain) or infection. However inflammation can also occur from nutritional problems as well as local muscle and joint dysfunctions, and I’d say that this is much more common than actual trauma and infection. Think about how often …

No Need For Knee Pain – Running, Cycling, or Anytime

knee ice

Knee pain is a common complaint for many runners, cyclists, and triathletes leading them to succumb to pain medication, anti-inflammatories, knee braces and other contraptions just so they can continue pushing through the miles. From elite athletes to fitness walkers, an individual may be told they have bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, …

Achilles Tendonitis

achilles tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis is a pain in the Achilles tendon often where it attaches to the heel bone. Another name this injury goes by is Achilles tendinopathy as there is question to whether there is actually inflammation (the ‘itis’) in the injury. Retrocalcaneal bursitis is sometimes diagnosed too, signifying that the …