Sports Injury Prevention, Cause & Treatment

These posts overview causes and treatments of sports injuries and can aid in sports injury prevention. Athletes typically develop injuries over time due to training at an intensity or duration beyond what their body can handle in a given period. Improper equipment such as poor footwear and orthotics can cause an injury too. Injuries occur from muscle imbalances which result from the body's inability to handle these types of stress. Conventional therapies and treatment such as ice, heat, stretching, bracing, NSAIDs, and other drugs rarely benefit an athlete. Often these "go-to" therapies can actually hinder healing and result in increased injury rates.

Surgical Intervention: Think Twice Before You Get Knifed Part II: Going Under the Knife

surgery ortho

So you’re still thinking of getting cut open? That’s fine – maybe it’s right for you as long as you’ve fully investigated other treatments and have second opinions as I discussed in Part I. Let’s now talk about what surgery can do to your body because even a surgical incision is no walk in the […]

Surgical Intervention: Think Twice Before You Get Knifed Part I: Making an Informed, Educated Decision

athlete surgery

An injured athlete is sometimes faced with the decision to go under the knife to hopefully rid you of your pain once and for all. With the multitude of diagnostic tests available today it’s often very easy to be convinced that surgery is the only way you will get better. After all, if you see […]

No, It’s Not Your Hammy

hamstring injuries

The hamstrings are that group of muscles in the back of your thigh that every athlete is familiar with. Simply put, they are three muscles that provide motion to two joints – the hip and the knee. They’re of great importance if you choose to extend your hips, flex your knees, and rotate your lower […]

This Is Why You’re Still Injured

injured runner

Injuries suck, that’s all there is to it. Oh, but there’s more. Injuries are a big reason as to why an athlete can’t get past a certain performance ceiling. If you’re training improperly as you try to take your fitness to the next level you’re probably going to get injured sooner or later. That injury […]

Calf Flexibility Sans Stretching: No More Calf Wall Stretches

sock doc calf stretch

Video Transcript Oh, you caught me stretching my calves. This wall stretch that a lot of people do, a lot of runners like to do to warm up, is actually a pretty silly stretch. There’s lots of better ways that you can actually create normal flexibility and stability in your lower leg without having to […]

A Case For Orthotics?

running orthotics for pain

It’s been well over a year since I’ve discussed orthotics. Orthotics, just like stretching, is an emotional and somewhat controversial topic because so many believe in their effectiveness for injury treatment and prevention. Others, such as myself, feel as though they either create, provoke, or hide a true problem. In my article, “Are Orthotics Ever […]

The Least of Your Concerns: Height, Weight, and Length

athletic injury

If you’ve ever been injured you may have been advised by your physician or therapist that your condition was in some part due to some physical imbalance or attribute. How important are some of these physical characteristics in regards to the actual injury? Most are completely irrelevant though so many want to make some correlation […]

Educate Yourself to Recover From and Prevent Any Injury

shockwave therapy

Nobody wants to be injured and if you’re injured you obviously want the injury gone as soon as possible. Properly treating an injury involves more than just looking at the symptom, which is usually where the pain is felt. You have to understand why you’re injured to properly assess, treat, and prevent that injury and […]

Heart Damage: Five Ways to Prevent a Heart Injury and Reduce Your Chances of Dropping Dead

heart running

Damage to your heart is one injury you definitely don’t want; you might not live through it. As a conclusion to the several articles I have written discussing heart damage and exercise, including the article I wrote two weeks ago,“Enough of the Aerobic and Endurance Bashing Fostered by ‘New Research’ and Personal Agendas”, I want […]

Ankle Sprains, Pains, Instability and Other Ligament Damage: Check Your Hormones

Ankle injury

Whether you’re an avid runner or not you’ve most likely experienced an ankle problem at one point or another. Perhaps you twisted your ankle during a workout or simply stepped off a curb and “landed wrong.” Ankle sprains are very common injuries especially if you venture off-road on some treacherous trails for a hike or […]