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Sock Doc consultHello and thanks for your interest in my unique and very effective type of health care. Prior to starting the SockDoc site in March of 2011, I was primarily a referral-based practice, and have continued to operate my practice in this manner. Although I practice in Chapel Hill, NC, the majority of my patients travel from all points of the United States, including the mid-west and West Coast.

A hands-on treatment approach is typically the most effective form of therapy as it allows me to treat you as an individual and figure out what is going on to help you return to health as quickly as possible. For example, your foot or knee problem may be coming from an old injury, elsewhere in your body perhaps even in your shoulder, that I need to correct and without seeing you there would be no way I could accomplish this. You may also have a certain food sensitivity or need a specific nutrient to help your problem, and seeing you would be the best way to figure that out. You can get an idea of my success by reading some of the testimonials.

However, a lot of health and healing can be accomplished via dietary, exercise, and lifestyle modifications, as well as recommendations for some “self treatments” to certain muscles. Therefore, I provide phone & Skype sessions for people who can’t travel to see me or can’t wait to get started. My new patient wait-list is currently 10+ months long, however earlier appointments are sometimes made available. Click here for information on scheduling an office visit with me. Currently the wait-time for a phone/Skype consult is approximately two to three weeks. This functions as a good precursor if you decide in the future to come to the office in person, we will not be starting from scratch. Also check out the Sock Doc Workshops where you can be assessed & treated and have the opportunity to train with me for five days.

Setting Up The Consult: Please email me at with a brief description of your reason for the consult and write “CONSULT” in the email subject line. I’ll give you some times that I have availability to set up the appointment. At this time I’ll also ask for all the paperwork (below) to be sent to me. The best way to get everything to me is to scan it all and email it to me so I have a hard copy (only for phone consults, not office visits). You can also fax it all to the office (919-419-9049), or mail it to me (address on the payment form). Though email is preferred!

** Forms/Paperwork: Please fill out the history intake form here: This one for women. This one for guys. There is one more required form, and that is the one outlining costs/payments/terms located below. Along with these it would also be good to see any lab work you’ve had done over the last year or so – blood work (see below), diagnostic reports, etc. Also write down what your diet is typically like over 4-5 days, (not amounts, just what you’re eating and drinking), and also your exercise/training for that time too. Basically the more info you have written down means the less questions I need to ask, the less I have to write, and the more we can talk about what we need to talk about!

**Cost/Payment/Terms: Can be found on this form, which also needs to be signed and sent to me with the rest of your paperwork.

** Please email if you have any questions and again, email me if you’re interested prior to sending your forms or any health information. Although I am the only one with access to the account I have to advise you that this gmail account, like most all gmail email accounts, is unsecure (non encrypted). More information on this can be found on the link just above (cost/payment/terms).

Dr. Gangemi “Sock Doc”

Recommended blood work:
CBC with differential
Lipid panel
General chem panel
Vitamin D (25OH D)

*Hormonal issues? – Full thyroid panel (TSH, free T3, free T4, TPO antibody, TG antibody)

*Men – free testosterone and PSA


  1. Diego Prado says:

    Dear Doc, I was just wondering if you have any colleague in Argentina. You probably know that is difficult to find this king of thinking in the world up to know.
    Thank you in advance for your comments.

  2. Dear Sock Doc

    I came across your post on Achilles’ Tendinitis and found it fascinating, thank you for posting it. I broke my left ankle 5 years ago and had the ankle reset through the Emergency department. 6months later I had persistent anterior ankle pain on weight bearing. Diastasis was diagnosed and i was admitted for removal of metalwork + fixation of diastasis. Following the 2nd lot of surgery, i again had pain and was admitted to an orthopaedic hospital for surgical correction and insertion of metal work, which this time was successful.

    3 years after the final orthopaedic surgery I suffered a sudden onset of ankle pain. It started during a really stressful day at work. My lower left leg was discoloured and swallon and very painful to walk on. I had a CT scan and the results were normal, metal work was in place and no fracture. No cause was found and the pain died down after a couple of weeks.

    Last week I again had a reoccurrence, following another very stress day at work. I saw a rheumatologist who diagnosed Achilles’ Tendinitis.

    I’m 28 yrs. old and am an active gym goer (when not in pain!!). Im 116 pounds. Swim 2 times a week, about an hour each time. Do 1 to 2 aerobic classes per week and run for 30 mins twice a week. I have flat feet and wear innersoles everyday, but remove them when i go to the gym. Ive found wearing innersoles reduces my lower back pain, but since reading your post I’m not sure if i am doing the right thing. I eat a healthy diet and have a naturally slim build. I have low vitamin D which i take supplements for, and I am on a statin for familiar hypercholesterolaemia.

    Is there anything i can do to prevent an reoccurrence? I was interested to hear you mention the connect to cortisol and achilles’ tendinitis. my job is quite stressful at times, but i really hope there is a way to prevent the AT coming back as it is totally disabling. Maybe i’m doing the wrong exercises/ cool downs/ eating the wrong foods.

    Look forward to hearing from you, and loving your site! Really useful info!

    • Hi Dotty – yes stress is a big factor for AT. You will always have low vit D if you take statins. Of course I cannot tell you what to take or not to take but you should educate yourself on the dangers of statins. I have never seen a person not have a problem with them. More on that here at my DRG site:

      And of course you should read the info on insoles/orthotics I have throughout this site as they will only support the problem you are having and never allow it to fully heal.

      • Hello again

        Thanks very much for the advise. Have read up on statins. V. Interesting, may have to review my taking statins with my doc

        All the best


  3. Christopher Janney says:

    Hello Sock-Doc,
    I have read into your treatment and understanding of Achilles Tendinitis and am urgently looking to get treatment before running a half marathon this coming Sunday for the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Triathlon. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make the run happen, but will do what ever I have to to make it.

    Coming off of a cold and missing a weeks training I pushed it hard and my AT started up a week ago last Friday (10 days ago). I’ve been really tame on it and I’m itching to get back into training, or the very least simple run my portion of the triathlon (I’m on a team of three guys all with a paralyzed arm each).

    Do you know of any specialists in the Los Angeles area that you can recommend?

    I tried working trigger points on my own calf like you pointed out on your youtube video, and haven’t had any noticeable success. I did notice and work over tender spots in the lower calf though.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I wish I was closer to where you are.

    Many Thanks,

  4. Christopher Janney says:

    Many Thanks SD!

    Working those trigger points and working on de-stressing.


  5. Hi Sock Doc,
    I’ve been watching your videos and found them very informative. I teach tap dance and have pain and swelling on the lateral right knee, for a couple of years. I have gone to two PT, a chiropractor, a doctor of Chinese medicine, as well as receiving massage and laser therapy. The current PT has helped alot as he diagnosed anterior femoral glide syndrome, gave me daily excercises and now(3months later) the pain is less in the glutes and outer right calf. However, he can’t figure out why the lateral right knee is still swollen and hurts when I dance. Do you have any idea of what could be causing this. Also, I had an xray of the knee and all looked normal. I am a healthy weight and have good overall health, no other medical problems. I would love to make an appointment to see you, but I live in Nova Scotia. I would really value your opinion/suggestions. Thank you

  6. Thanks so much for responding to me. The first physiotherapist I saw diagnosed ITBS and had me do alot of stretching as well as some strengthening exercises. My right leg from the glutes down to my foot became so sore I found it difficult to walk. The physiotherapist I have now told me to stop stretching and said the right hip was more forward that the left. He had me going on my hands and knee and arching my back and moving back toward my feet as well as lifting my knee in a sitting position and glute strengthening leg lifts, plus a few core exercises. Also, correcting my posture, from a pelvic tilt forward and shoulders slightly forward to pulling up with slight back pelvic tilt. All this help with around 80% of the pain. The lateral knee still hurts and is swollen. You said to find trigger points. I will try to massage the areas that are painful. I did watch the two videos you suggested.

  7. Thank you, Sock-doc.

    I’m a chiro from Vancouver Canada and one of my patients saw your video on plantar fasciitis. She is much improved now! I also found the video to be of interest.

    Check out my website. I would be happy to share information with you.


  8. Ernie Rizzato says:


    I watched your video on the misdiagnosis of sciatica. I have been dealing with this pain that starts in my left glute and radiates down to my left calf. I feel tingling in my foot and achilles tendon occasionally too. I had an MRI done that shows a herniation at L5/S1 and have received two cortisone injections. I would love to see you or even consult, but given my current condition I can’t stand or sit for more than 5 minutes. I’m a 32 year old male who was incredibly active and was coming off an mcl tear that i rehabbed through therapy last year. Is there anyone in the Chicago area who you refer to? I’m desperate as I have taken a leave from work.

    Thank you so much,

    • I sent you an email.

      • Ernie Rizzato says:

        Thank you so much! I got a quicker response from you than I did my regular orthopedic…very sad.

        I just want to tell you that after watching your video and reading some of your articles, for the first time in a few weeks, I feel like I have hope.

        I work for a Health Club, and understand how important proper diet, hydration, exercise, and stress management are to the overall synergy of one’s body.

        In the past day…I’ve focused on working on the the trigger points that you outlined in your video (with the help of my retired mom because I cant reach my calf and achilles). I then focused on getting my diet right. Over the course of yesterday and today I’ve ate several servings of fruit including: bananas, blueberries, avocados, almonds and mangos; vegetables: kale, carrots, peas and sweet potatoes (I should be eating more); and lean meats: chicken, salmon, and sardines.

        You probably don’t even need me to tell you that I have noticed a vast improvement in my condition almost overnight. The spasms in my leg have begun to settle down, I’m finally able to sit for the first time in days (albeit still some pain), and have just begun to feel comfortable walking around for a short period of time before I feel sciatic pain and spasms…nowhere near the degree I was a few days ago. I have also stopped taking all the anti-inflamatories, norcos, and valium that I was given to help with the pain.

        I have also switched to heat instead of ice. Which seems to be helping, as well. I have a headache, which is probably from all the toxins being released from the knots near all my trigger points…but it’s reminding me to drink more water to flush everything out.

        The leave from work, which is highly stressful, probably isn’t hurting either.

        Bottom line is…maybe some of the relief is from the cortisone shot but the 24 hour turnaround I’ve experienced from basic lifestyle changes has me at least thinking more optimistically. I mean, I am sitting while I’m typing this to you!

        I know I probably have a long road to recovery…but at least now I feel like that’s an option! I’m 6ft tall and have let myself wither to 162lbs over the past few months…so I’m anxious to get back to where I was before. Not sure where my next step from here is, but at least now I feel like there is some hope.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to me!


  9. Hi from New Zealand
    Since finding your site on the web I just can’t stop reading. It all makes such good sense.
    I tried to subscribe to your free newsletter but couldn’t get that field to work so please add my email address. Do you know of anyone practising your methods in Auckland, New Zealand?
    I am a 66yr old female who has always enjoyed walking and day tramps. Several years ago I had a stress fracture in the metatarsal bones on my left foot which took a couple of years to come right after much medical intervention including orthotics. Since then I also had trouble with plantar fasciitis in my right foot which required new orthotics and it took quite a few months to be rid of the pain. Recently I used an old pair of shoes and old orthotics on a couple of hilly walks and now have pain in the side of my left foot not far from the ankle bone. I have strapped up the sore area and am massaging the trigger points in the leg so probably can’t speed up recovery any quicker. I have recently retired from work after a fairly stressful year so now have time to think about my health and habits. I usually choose to walk around the house in barefeet except in winter and am on my feet more now after leaving a desk job. Once my foot settles again should I go back to using my newest orthotics in the Oasics TN276 shoes which I had previously been using without trouble for a while when out walking? I would like to transition to minimalist shoes but a bit wary of making such a big change. Can you tell when your feet and legs are strong enough for this? Thanks and regards, Robyn

  10. Hi Soc Doc,

    I had surgery to repair a torn proximal hamstring in August, 2012. Hamstring is doing fine and I have now returned to running and biking. My problem is with the sciatic nerve on the involved side. I can’t sit for any longer than 15-20 minutes without starting to get pain and numbness in my leg (mainly calf & shin area) and foot. Any suggestions?

    I have been to a local chiropracter who tried accupuncture, but that seemed to irritate the nerve even more. I have tried a multitude of different chairs and cushions without much luck. This is really impeding my ability to work since I have a desk job!

  11. Karen Linsmayer says:

    Hi Sock Doc,

    I won’t be visiting you for health care, although I wish I could. I had five Prolotherapy sessions (ouch) and as much as I wanted my foot to heal, I don’t think it improved very much. During those times I had two sessions with the people at Naturale Alternatives and he does Electro-Acuscope Therapy. Since I hadn’t had much improvement with Prolotherapy, he said to hold off on that until he can work his magic and reduce the inflammation. He said I have a Morton’s neuroma, and the Prolotherapy dr. said I didn’t. My second toe joint is extremely painful and I think it is arthritis, but what do I know. So, I would like to purchase a pair of minimalist shoes. I have to wear boots in MN because of the weather. I wear Merrills and they kill my foot. What shoes would you recommend. I don’t run, and can barely walk any distance without my foot killing me. Also, if this Electro-Acuscope Therapy doesn’t work out, what kind of doctor or rehabilitative person should I be looking for. I’m 74, so time may not be on my side, but I sure would like to get back to walking.

    Thanks so much for your time.

  12. Samuel Ogbe says:

    Hey there Sock Dock,
    I have recently stumbled upon and been reading your articles. I love your stance and aproach to health and treating the body. Are there any doctors you have the same aproach to health you can refer in California specifically the East Bay? I live in the Berkeley Oakland area.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to me,

  13. I started having pain in my right heal a few weeks ago and don’t know what to do to make it stop. I work at the airport and have to wear steel toe boots for 2 or 3 hours everyday and thats what got this started. The boots I had were about a year old so I got rid of them and bought some new boots in a different style and the problem is not quite so bad but, it still continues. I will take any advice I can get to make this stop. Please let me know. Davis

  14. karenmilton says:

    Hi sock doc i live in australia and if i was looking for someone like you who would i go to to get me back up and moving i need exercises and i need to walk what doctor am i looking for with your qualifications and treatment plan i want to get back and i dont know how please help and give me advise who or if you have any body in australia who can help me .

    Thank You i have seen orthopedic specialist for my hip physio for my recovery and now i am seeing a podiatriat to help with the healing of my knees so i can start to walk again my gait is 15 degrees out is that cronic and will i ever be normal again i am only 58 this year to young to have so many problems until a year ago i had stride and i was well and fit after the accident i carnt get back

  15. Anne Mills says:

    I wonder if you recommend any docs in south jersey area??? Bursitis Metatarsals going on 10 months.
    Many thanks.

    I’ll be reading and viewing articles on your site. And seeing if I can begin your basic recommendations.
    Otherwise I’ll need set up a consult.

    Kinda of funny. Just got custom orthotics today after putting off for months. Your information is so interesting and I’ve always loved being barefoot. Just having trouble last 10 months. I’m thinking avoiding these orthotics may keep me from having more problems. Anne

  16. aimee baylor says:

    Hi Steve,

    I just read you article on why stretching is bad and I am very confused. I coach Track & Field at the collegiate level and my high school daughter is also a runner. SHe has been experiencing tightness in her glutes when she races which she says ” prevents me from rotating and shortens my gait” which- slows her a bit. She says it gets extremely tights. She says “it’s not norma, i think something is wrong”,
    Thus, I’ve taken her to the dr’s which led to PT which he told her to stretch more? She should be holding stretches (gave her glute stretches) for at least 30 secs x’s 5. She should be doing this before she goes on her warm up jog?? She also foam rolls and stretches her calves which she says are tight.

    SHe is a very talented runner. On the State level.

    ANy thoughts??


  17. I had this weird “karate chop” sensation on my leg. I thought it was a knee issue by doc says my xrays are clean and suggested hamstring strain. PT says it was a compressed nerve. I dont know what is going on. It has been about a month now and I am only able to run about three miles ( I was training for a marathon) and I have weakness in my leg. This weakness is upper calf lower thigh area, its weird. Distressed Runner in Cleveland!

  18. Dear Sock Doc,
    I’ve been a runner and cyclist for a several years. About 3 years ago I started getting some annoying rightside thorasic back pain when I slept. It would wake me up. Usually once I was up I would loosten up and forget about it mostly. However when running a marathon my right front of my hip almost wouldn’t let me finish. So as I continued to be annoyed I went to the chiro – nothing then to the Dr. Xray-noting. Referred to Orthopedic – MRI – nothing. Assigned PT. Lots of stretches, sonogram, electro but nothing fixed the problem. Had deep tissue massage – nothing. I’ve basically been living with this for years now. I started really working on using lacrosse balls to roll out my back, psoas, hip etc.. I feel I get some relief from this. However I still feel like it could be eliminated altogether but I’m not sure how… any ideas? Thanks

  19. Estimado doctor:
    Lamento no dominar el inglés, escribo desde Argentina, necesito por favor una consulta, tengo 47 años de edad soy corredor, tengo una hernia discal en L5S1, algo que nunca me impidió correr, pero a finales del 2011, tuve un tirón importante en la parte posterior de mi pierna izquierda (zona isquiotibial) y hasta hoy nunca pude recuperar mi salud normal, mucho dolor de cintura, dolor en la cadera, sin fuerza en la pierna izquierda, adormecimiento de los dedos del pie y cuando corro no debo estirar la zancada, ya que vuelven los tirones en la parte posterior, ardor en el testículo izquierdo, en toda la zona inguinal, no corro mas de 10 o 12 Km por día, cinco días a la semana, hago también bicicleta, es la hernia de disco que me provoca esto, puede ser el síndrome piramidal. No se a que médico ir, me traté con osteópata, neurólogos, traumatólogos, etc. y nadie me da solución. Como fortalezco los músculos de la espalda baja, es bueno practicar con la bolsa de boxeo. Que opina usted, gracias.

  20. Doctor:
    I write from Argentina, am 47 years old am a runner, have a hernia of disc in L5S1, something that never prevented me from running, but at the end of 2011, I had an important pull in the later(posterior) part of my left leg (zone isquiotibial)
    And up to today I could never recover my health in normal form, very much pain of waist, pain in the hip, (always of the left side) without force in the left leg, drowsiness of the toes and when I run I must not stretch the stride, since they turn the pulls in the later(posterior) part, ardor in the left testicle, in the whole inguinal zone, I feel that the left foot I do not dominate it in the moment to affect the soil, avoid to strike with the heel, circle between(among) 10 to 12 Km for day, five days a week, also I practise bicycle but also I sit(feel) pain in the waist when I do several miles.
    Is it the hernia of disc that provokes me this, for which before not?, can it be the syndrome pyramidal?. I treated myself with osteopath, neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, etc. And nobody gives me solution. Since I strengthen the muscles of the low back, it is good to practise with the bag(stock exchange) of boxing for this. That thinks you in relation with this comment, thanks. My Englishman forgives rustic. Osvaldo.-

  21. Hi there! :)

    I am DESPERATE for help, and I wish you were in my area! Do you have any recommendations for anyone in Southern California?

    My problems all began when I suddenly weaned my 18 month old (quite breastfeeding cold turkey from 4 times per day)….all heck broke loose, of course! Hot flashes, panic attacks, chronic insomnia, huge stress, etc. I’ve been seeing a doctor who has me on Bioidentical Hormones, melatonin, thyroid, Adrenal meds, and a bunch of Life Extension supplements, but I’m not getting any better. I have to take GABA, melatonin & valerian in order to sleep even a bit at night, and I always wake up at 2:30 every single night, and I have a tough time until around 5am. I just can’t seem to turn my overactive brain off. My nails are purple, I’m freezing to the core all the time, my lips feel like they’re on fire, etc. WEIRD STUFF!!

    Please help!! I can’t seem to get my hormones right. When they’re tested, they come back as normal-low, but I spot throughout the month and my periods are super light and then they’re horrifically heavy with huge clots. :/

    This exhausted momma needs some help. :(

    Thank you!!

  22. Dear Sock Doc,
    Came across your site and found it very useful and informative. Must appreciate you for that. Could you please give an advise on my case.
    Case History : Pain started in left ischial tuberosity after sitting over hard chair all of a sudden. This started 1.5 years back. Had X-ray (SI Joints and Pelvic) , MRI (SI joints and Pelvic) and 3-Phase Bone scans – All normal. My Physio thinks that this is a case of ischial bursitis. Blood work is also all normal including – CBC, Thyriod, Uric acid, all inflammatory markers. I am mostly pain free BUT comes back rapidly as soon as I sit on an uncushioned surface. Anti inflammatory gels give temporary relief. Have tried all possible stretches, doesnt help much. ICE helps a lot but heat makes it worse. My pain specialist says there is a local inflammation persisting and it will clear away with some rest and avoiding sitting. I am an IT consultant and I sit a lot. I need to get out of this problem. I am going to try Apple Cider Vinegar. Do you think it will help ? Any other advise please. I am fit and fine other wise. No problems in walking or standing etc. Look forward for your response. Regards, SK.

  23. I have read your articles and seen video on plantar fascitis, and it tipped my world view. My podiatrist and chiropractor insist that the reason I got the condition is because I walk barefoot in the house and don’t wear my orthotics all the time. I am told I have very high arches, and that if I walk barefoot, the arch will collapse and cause more problems. I am in a tizzy. You mention flat feet but not high arches. I assume your barefoot approach is valid for high arches as well?

  24. tim mallow says:

    hi doc!, i am a big fan of your site and have a question, i know this willnot be enough info but here it goes. i changed to a midfoot placement to save my oa knee. i now have bad heel pain going on 7 months. pod insists it is pf and has never touched my foot. i think i overstretched it creating the pain i have now.i wish i would have found your site before i did this! i i now have a lamp cord like small marble of scar tissue on the bottom of the heel bone. if i ultrasound it will it soften up because this is the center of my pain . my pod wont listen to me about this. thank you so much for letting me rant ! any ideas?

  25. Hi sock doc,

    is there any chance you know of any practitioners like you in Australia?
    From all your previous posts I would doubt it, but I thought I would just
    Ask anyway, just incase there was a chance!


  26. Hi Dr. Gangemi,
    I just came back from an appointment with my first doctor from Kaiser. I was telling her about my 6 month antibiotic use in 2012 and that now I’m suffering with digestive problems, such as bloating and food intolerances. I strived for a stool and blood test, but she wasn’t willing to do it so suddenly. :(
    Anyway, before I left she gave me “nature’s blend: freeze dried lactobacillus acidophilus” ingredients: lactose, gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose,magnesium steerage, silica, and apple pectin.
    From your knowledge do you think this supplement poses as a benefit or hazard for my gut troubles? Also, I have terrible acne (maybe linked to gut)…not sure if that helps you.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank-you!

  27. Tammi D. says:

    Hi Doc, do you know of any practitioners in the Philadelphia/NJ/NYC area?

  28. Three years ago I ruptured my achilles tendon. I had surgical repair followed by 8 weeks of PT. My therapist wanted me to continue, but the cost of treatment was just too much so I opted to do exercises at home. I feel like I never fully recovered. My foot continues to swell and can be very painful if I am on my feet for an extended period of time. I have numbness in my foot and over my incision site. In the beginning I was told that this was a part of the healing process and would eventually resolve. It actually has worsened.

    I know my gait is not right and I am assuming this is why I have pain in my hip and lower back. I have been to my chiropractor numerous times. I feel good for a few days and then the pain comes back. I am at a loss as to where to turn to get help. My GP sent me to a neurologist to have a nerve study which showed that my large(?) nerves were functioning well. At this moment he is calling it idiopathic neuropathy. I also had an MRI on my lower back which found no reason for my pain. My vitamin B12 and D came back low a few months ago. Both are now in the low normal range. I was taking sublingual B12 and at my appt. two weeks ago I asked for the injection. My GP said to come in once a month for a few months to see if the shots make a difference. How long does it take for deficiency symptoms take to heal? Where do I go from here for relief of back pain and foot numbness?? Thank you!

  29. Hello,

    I’ve been having terrible tightness in my left shoulder and pain where it connects to my neck. I’m a chronic neck popper…I don’t ever force it, I just turn my head just so and snap, crackle, pop. My right side adjusts fine but my left will get one or two med-large pops and then I can feel it freezing up inside.
    So, I’m dealing with that currently as well as this dull aching deep inside my right buttocks area that is interspersed with some sharp little twinges. If I am sitting I can feel the aching radiating down to my thigh to my knee. It’s been happening, off and on, for about 6/7 years now.

    I saw an orthopedist who had an a MRI done of my hip area last week and everything checks out fine but I’m still in pain and having to wear Nike’s everyday, cause that extra cushioning helps so much. He wants me to start with a physical therapist and gave me several to contact.
    You mentioned, somewhere on your site, hormone imbalances (i suffer from endometriosis, fybroids as well as ovarian cysts) and you mention above a series of blood tests…could this be something work checking into for what I’m going thru? Or do you think that PT would be beneficial?

  30. I’ve have read everything on your site about shin splints because I have been suffering through them for a year. I found it surprising that stretching only makes them worse, but it makes a lot of since. A year ago, after four years of running, I suddenly began getting chronic shin splints. Over the past year I have done massage and physical therapy, orthotics, constant icing and wrapping, kt tape and compression sleeves, and countless anti-inflammatory topical creams and medicines. After reading a few books on the subject, I tossed my cushioned shoes and orthotics, and began running true barefoot. I have taken it very slowly and have noticed a big difference in my stride and foot landing, but I still get the shin splints after a couple of miles. I’m beginning to feel that maybe I will never get over these splints. Is there any advice or suggestions that you could offer? Thanks.

  31. Frank Romano says:

    Dear Soc Doc,

    I understand you’re not a fan of cushions in shoes. How do you feel about anti fatigue mats. I move around on a concrete floor all day at work and my feet get tired from standing 8 hours a day in one area. I’m trying to decide whether to get the 3/8″ or 5/8″ thickness foam floor mats. As long as I wear the proper shoes without arch supports like you suggest, would standing on a foam floor mat all day be ok or make matters worse? If ok what thickness would be best? I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you

    • I stand on a hard floor most of the day too and it’s only the days when I don’t quite take care of myself as well as I should that my feet/lower legs feel fatigued. I think a truly healthy/well person can stand on a rock all day long with no problems.

      • Frank Romano says:

        Due to my work environment I cannot go bare footed or in my sock feet. Can you recommend a shoe or sneaker that is not confining and will allow my feet to flex as close to being bare footed as possible? Thank you for your advice

  32. Hi Doc

    I have been suffering from bunions and over pronation for many years. I have always thought that my over pronation is causing my bunions but a therapist once told me that I over pronate. Is that possible? What can I do?

  33. Hello Soc Doc! I am a huge fan of your site! Thank you for all your awesome information!

    I need some advice. I’m a female in her mid 20’s trying to make it as an elite runner. My Pr’s are 16:24 for 5k and 34:52 for (super hilly) 10k… and I’m looking to crush a half marathon in a month and a half. However, during a track workout a couple weeks ago, I did some backwards strides and ended up really pissing off my piriformis on both legs. Not sure, but feels strained… AND is super tight (making me want to bend at the waist… which makes me think it may be my psoas as well). I’ve avoided (like the plague) stretching and icing. My diet is excellent… I eat (fairly) strict paleo that is high in (good) fats, I’ve been sleeping 8-9 hrs a night, and I’ve been taking quercetin and white willow bark to ease the pain. But my legs feel so inflamed! I took 2 “active” weeks off and did easy trail runs in my Luna sandals (I always run in minimalist shoes)… which felt fairly painful until miles 4-5, then felt “loosened” up enough to start picking up my pace a slight. But it’s been a rough couple of weeks and I’m getting impatient. In order to cream this half marathon, I need to be hitting the track… but my hip flexors just won’t do it! Do you have any advice or recommended articles? Thank you!

  34. Behruz Huseynov says:

    Hello Doctor. I know you don’t have much time for answering the questions, but I could not find any answer anywhere for my question, so i try and hope for an answer.

    I am 29 I dont smoke or drink. Have quited a hard job as a waiter 3 months ago to see if it would make some difference, it did not. I have had achilles tendonitis in both feet since Mars month and it does not want to get better. I can’t try usual eccentric training on the stairs because it gives a lot of pain. So i used to raise both heels at the same time and drop them down at the same time, so with both feet on the floor. It gave a lot of pain so i stoped training. And when i put ice on achilles for 15 minutes it gets better, pain dissapears. The right foot is worse than the left one, which was confirmed by ultrasound scan images which show that the achilles on the right foot is a little bit thicker, and there are no any blod vessels or anything strange that could be opereated. So i stopped eccentric training for awhile and i dont feel any improvement.

    The doctors dont understand why it takes so long time to get better. When i or doctors touch or even pinch there’s almost no pain anywhere in both achilles or feet. But i do get pain in achilles if bending down the feet. Doctors don’t really understand why i have pain under the feet either. I have tried shockwaves on the left side, which is least injured and dont see any improvements. The treatment was not complete, only twice, because of pain i got during procedure, physiotherapist said that she has never seen anything like this as she used very low intense during shockwaves treatment. I am pretty sure that it is achilles tendonitis as i did even other scannings to see if it was something else, different doctors also said that it was achilles tendonitis, so no question about that.

    On youtube you show how to massage back of the leg with a stick, i tried that also, in 1 week it was ok, after that i had pain in achilles so i stopped doing that. i did it on the exact place as you showed on video. By the way after watching your video i stopped streching and try to eat more properly. Thank you for your video!

    The question is : What should i do? I am compeletly lost and hopeless. Should i start eccentric traning again or not? Do you have any tips for me? Should i do any syringe treatmment?

    Hope for an answer from you.

  35. Ajay Kumar says:

    Greetings of the Day Dr. Gangemi,

    I have all the symptoms shown in your video link . I have this shoulder pain, extending to the arm, biceps triceps, forearm , with burning sensation in the arm. sharp pain in the arm pit, pain in the ribs and restrictive movement of shoulder and arm. Could you guide me for the treatment of this miserable pain. I ve’ been suffering from it for more than 3 years. I tried to consult couple of doctors, but no improvement.
    I ve’ been quite active in weight lifting in gym, and this incident happened when i was doing a bench press exercise with heavy weight. I had the bar tilted on right side and a striking pain right in the shoulder blade. Later, it is all extended now to arm and continuous pain.

    Can you suggest a doctor in washington, new york and houston who has good hands on the same thinking and technical treatment as you showed in the above given video.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ajay Kumar


    I am Spanish and I pity not understand English. I try to follow you and Mark Cucuzzella and truth that are very interesting approaches that have on injuries, training, etc..
    Unfortunately here we do not have great professionals in these areas. here everything is based on antiflamatorios templates 300 € “a whole backwardness.” Insist shame that here in Spain you do not have medical consultations “would be extraordinary.” Lucky with his countrymen.

  37. Marie Palardy says:

    Do you have a colleague in the Boston, MA area?
    My 19 yr old daughter has been dealing with shin pain for over a yr. None of the many doctors she has seen have been able to help. She has been tested for compartment syndrome, been to acupuncture a orthopedic surgeon at CH in Boston that made her feel like the pain was all in her head. She is now going to a chiropractor which is good but after finally attempting to join a gym in over 1 1/2 yr she still has shin splints. Any ideas/help? Thanks so much.

  38. Marie Palardy says:

    Amesbury, MA?? Anybody in Mass or RI?

  39. Arthi K says:

    Hi Dr,

    Do you know of any chiropractor whom you can recomment in northern CA – closer to SF?

    My son has severe ankle pain and it often swells up when he is playing basketball and when I went to a chiropractor locally he recommended very expensive custom orthotics. That is when I came across your articles about this.

    Please help


  40. Ali Buck says:

    I was diagnosed with a large L5-S1 herniation 2 years ago and went through two years of pt and chiropractic care. May 21 2014 I had a laminectomy and microdiscectomy. I couldn’t get rid of the piriformis/ butt pain and foot pain (on the outside of my foot) using stretching, trigger point release, and manual therapy. So i decided to do the surgery. however I still have pain in my foot along the outside with the feeling of burning and pins/needles in the same area and major tightness from my glutes down to the outside of my calf. I don’t think I did anything to compensate my surgery but I don’t understand why nothing is working. Stretching isnt helping much and the tightness returns quickly. Do you have any advice? I am desperate and very frustrated that at 35 yrs old I can’t run and play with my kids! Thanks.

  41. Natalie Clark says:

    Hi there,
    I do Crossfit – always within capacity hitting intensity but never overdoing my limitations. I have been doing Crossfit for almost 1 year, and around 3 months ago started to get a niggle in my right shoulder, which continued and formed in a Bursitis – diagnosed via ultrasound. I have had two cortisone injections – the first one helped around 50%, but left impingement and soreness and unable to weight bare or do anything above 90%. I also had physio during this time as well. I have just had the second injection today. The doctor who injected me today said that I would never be able to resume my Crossfit training and would never be able to do any exercise that involved weights or movements above my head because it would inflame the bursa again. This wasn’t in my plan. I knew it would take a while and have been modifying all my movements to keep either weight light, or minimise range, but always thought that once the pain was gone, I could resume all exercises – gradually – until I was back to being Ok again. Is this night right? Needing some hope here.


    • Well first if you’re always “within capacity of hitting intensity” then you are overdoing it. And if you’re injured, especially to the point you describe, then you overdid it – no question about it.

      I suggest you find a doc who knows something more than just how to stick a needle in your arm and tell you you’ll never be 100%. Find a holistic doc/therapist who can evaluate and treat your injury and get you back to full function.

  42. Dear Doctor,

    I am suffering from planter fasciitis since 1998 and am flat footed. The problem got worse and was put on steroid injections for many years. However this year the injection didn’t help and now my left foot does not fall on the ground correctly. Severe heel pain and can’t ever walk barefoot. Some doctors tell me it is tendinitis, some tell me to wear insoles, while some recommend physiotherapy accompanied by shockwave therapy. So far nothing has worked and the problem has got worse and worse.

    I live in Dubai and have shown to many doctors here but no one seems to figure out what the problem. I am willing to fly to see you. Could you pls let me know where you are located and what is the best way to contact you?

  43. joshcollis97 says:

    Hello Sock Doc just want to thank you for the amazing website and giving me the valuable information that helped me cure my PF that i had for over 6 months! Recently i suffered a groin strain which was because i overstretched for the ball. Besides this I have had Navicular pain in my left foot on the same side as my groin strain but i can not recall the incident or time it started to hurt. Its very tender to touch and am worried whether it may be a fracture? but i can jog and stand and walk on it fine with no discomfort. Im currently walking bare foot round my house and am wearing 4 mm drop shoes for gym training and jogging any advice?

  44. Marcos B says:

    Hello soc doc, I am so thankful that I came across your website with such valuable information that I can hopefully use towards having pain free feet!! The pain started 7 months ago when I was at the park with my family and suddenly a sharp pain in both feet struck me, it’s been all down hill since then. I was working 2 jobs 16 hours a day for about 2 years, thinking that was the reason, so now I just work one full time job sitting the whole time but instead of things getting better they are getting worse! I have been to podiatrist 4 or more times. All he ever prescribes me is anti inflammatory medication which all have done absolutely nothing, which is why he’s finally going to put me on orthotics next week. I was looking forward to it thinking that was going to fix everything and I can finally be pain free until I came across your website. Now I have mixed feelings about whether I should even start wearing them or not, I’m so confused. I can’t even stand up for 15 mins without my feet getting sore and pulsing with pain where I have to constantly sit down! It’s really affecting my lifestyle activities, I can’t exercise or run anymore, I lost my job due to not being able to stand up for a full or part time job. I’m just so lost and confused! I just want to know what I have and treat it the correct natural way instead of just covering up the symptoms with orthotics. Please help

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