Injury Treatment & Prevention Videos

The Sock Doc Videos offer a unique approach to injury treatment and prevention. Each video discusses common injuries athletes are either diagnosed with or areas where many often suffer weakness and pain. The videos will teach you how to assess the true cause of your injury rather than treat the symptoms as so many do (unsuccessfully). You'll also learn how to help prevent your current injury from reoccurring, as well as other injuries that are often related, before they occur.

Asthma in Athletes

Asthma in athletes

Asthma in athletes is a growing concern. Learn the reasons why athletes have trouble breathing, and what can be done about the problem. Though asthma is a lung symptom it is often not an actual lung cause. Asthma can be a symptom of a variety of causes such as under-functioning …

No Stretching for Runners and all Athletes!

Stop Stretching

Learn why stretching can actually cause more harm than good. There’s no reason to static stretch especially if you’re concerned about performance or trying to heal up or prevent an injury. Stop stretching! Stretching for flexibility is a common practice for runners, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts at all levels, but …

Natural Movement

Natural Movement

Learn why natural movement each and every day can significantly improve your health and fitness. Natural movement is how our bodies are intended to move. Prevent and heal injuries faster too by moving your body through functional movements. Movnat/Natural Movement is an active movement workout and a physical education system …

Common Running Injuries

Running Injuries

Learn about some common running injuries as well as how and why they occur. Often an injury is a symptom of another problem rather than a cause. In this short video I touch on how to prevent common running injuries. I briefly discusses some causes of running injuries, running recovery, …

Sock Doc: Natural Treatment & Prevention of Piriformis Syndrome, Low Back Pain, & Sciatica


  Video Transcript Hey, this is Doctor Gangemi, The Sock Doc. In today’s Sock Doc video is on Piriformis syndrome, lower back issues, and sciatic type pain, or what many people perceive as sciatic type pain. Lara O’Brien who is a principal dancer with Carolina Ballet is going to be …

Health & Injury Prevention Series on YouTube FLOW

Injury Prevention

This is the first of a new series of films made especially for the Flow YouTube channel. This on-going series will cover certain athletic injuries, healthy (and unhealthy) foods, training principles, and a whole lot more! Watch, listen, and learn how to be a more fit and healthy athlete and …

Think Twice Before You Ice On FLOW


Video #2 for the Flow YouTube channel. Should you ice an injury? It’s not usually the best idea even though it’s what we’re often told. For more info check out the Sock Doc First Aid For Injuries Part II.