Fitness Podcast Series

The Sock Doc fitness podcast series covers a wide range of athlete health and fitness topics. Many of these were recorded with Trail Runner Nation. The fitness podcast topics cover training principles, endurance athlete fitness issues, strength training, the pros and cons of crossfit, and the long-term effects of only high-intensity workouts. We also talk about proper first aid techniques, how to recover and rest, how to motivate or regain your spark, running footwear, and foot health as a gauge of overall health. The fitness podcast series touches on a lot of amusing topics throughout also, like the weirdest things we’ve seen on the trail, athlete body odor, sex as recovery, debating cologne, and discussing whether running is bad for your health overall. The fitness podcast series is a highly informative resource that is often very entertaining.

Real Food Reel Podcast

Real Food Reel

Another Australian podcast this time with Steph at the Real Food Reel. We discuss endurance training, carbs, fats, healthy eating, and a whole lot more.

The British Trail Running Podcast

British Trail Running Podcast

Archi and I discuss injury prevention and all round health for the endurance athlete here on Episode 21 of the British Trail Running Podcast.

Sock Doc Podcast #10 At Trail Runner Nation: Digging Deep Into Grab Bag

Podcast #10 at Trail Runner Nation. In this Sock Doc Podcast we discuss: Weirdest thing you have seen on the trail Importance of rest Mitochondrial Bio-genesis Perfume / Cologne debate Consistency in training Do you have the C & D? Foam Rolling You can also listen to the podcast at …

Sock Doc Podcast With PaleoRunner

sock doc podcast

Check out my most recent podcast with Aaron Olson at I discuss stretching (well, not stretching), orthotics (umm, not using orthotics), minimalist/barefoot running, injury treatment and prevention, and a bunch of other great info.

MovNat Podcast: Move Effectively & Efficiently

natural movement podcast

In this podcast I discuss many aspects of health, fitness, and natural movement principles with MovNat founder Erwan LeCorre. Learn more about MovNat here! You can also Listen to the podcast in a new window or download (Right click to save), or listen to the podcast at

Sock Doc Podcast #5 At Trail Runner Nation: Is Running Bad For Your Health?

A new podcast is up at Trail Runner Nation. In this 5th Sock Doc Podcast, I discuss the news reports, research, and evidence behind the notion that exercise, specifically running, can be bad for your health. The article, “Enough of the Aerobic and Endurance Bashing Fostered by ‘New Research’ and …

Barefoot Chat Podcast With Barefoot Canada

Sock Doc Feet

In this informative podcast/slide show with Barefoot Moe of Barefoot Canada, we discuss the many benefits of living barefoot – running, walking, driving, and just hanging out. We also discuss the barefoot “movement/fad”, minimalist footwear, “Earthing”, and a whole lot more. I had a great time talking to Moe as …

Sock Doc Podcast #1 At Trail Runner Nation

Injury Treatment & Prevention Podcast

Listen to my first ever podcast I recently did over at Trail Runner Nation. I discuss orthotics, stretching, footwear, and other running related topics with Don, Scott, and Faith. It was a lot of fun and those guys have a great site so check them out. (And yeah, I can’t …