Athlete Diet Tips & Dietary Health Info

These articles discuss various athlete diet tips, athletic health and fitness, and dietary supplements. Learn about dietary influence on the health and fitness of an athlete. A healthy athlete diet is imperative in order for an athlete to develop and maintain a high level of fitness. Many athletes take unnecessary supplements and/or eat foods that are highly processed and loaded with artificial ingredients - all which have an impact on health, fitness, and performance. Eating the right foods and taking the proper nutritional supplements, when necessary, can speed recovery, reduce and eliminate pain, and help an athlete get to the next level of fitness. The athlete diet and nutrition topics here discuss healthy carbohydrate intake, fat burning, supplements, nutrition bars, the vegan athlete diet, the superior paleo diet for athletes, and many other topics.

Breaking Muscle – You Move As Well As You Eat: The Link Between Food and Gait

Gangemi Sock Doc Ironman

Moving with good form requires the right kind of fuel. Simply look at triathletes finishing an Ironman or runners finishing a marathon. Often they are bent over, twisted, and shuffling. Their gait patterns have been broken. Their bodies have been broken. You’d be surprised at how rapidly your gait falls apart when your gas tank […]

Everything in Moderation?

dietary moderation

Moderate Your Holiday Moderation With the holidays now upon us, Halloween through Easter is a long time to play the moderation card and slack off on diet, exercise, and your (hopefully) healthy lifestyle. It’s actually the time when your diet should be the most healthy and “clean” as cold temperatures, travel, and holiday stress are […]

Sugar Coating Your Performance

gas analyzer testing athletes

Welcome to Part V of the Sock Doc Essential Guide to Carbohydrates. Part IV was way back in June in which I discussed the hot topic of ketosis in athletes. Parts I-III discussed the many roles, both positive and negative, of carbohydrates in an athlete’s diet. The gist of the story is that you want […]

The Ketogenic Athlete

drink eggs

Here in Part IV of the Sock Doc Essential Guide to Carbohydrates I’m going to discuss the hot topic of ketosis in athletes. Ketosis is a metabolic state where the liver takes fat and proteins and produces molecules called ketone bodies to use for energy. Ketosis allows a starving person to survive for days (or […]

Train Hard, Race Fast: The Role of Carbohydrates


Welcome to Part III, (of some unknown number), of the Sock Doc Essential Guide to Carbohydrates. I discussed the chemistry behind how your body uses sugar and fat for fuel in Part I. Part II dealt with how to condition your body to run more efficiently by becoming a better fat burning machine. Here in […]

Condition Your Body to Burn Fat

bacon fat athletes

Conditioning your body to burn fat involves more than just training properly. Fat metabolism relies on a low stress lifestyle as well as a diet that promotes fat-for-fuel. I won’t go into proper training here – that’s been done over at the Sock Doc Training Principles and other areas on this site. I could also […]

Carbohydrates: Evil or Essential?

athlete sugar junkie

Any athlete who is concerned about their performance has questioned, if not thoroughly investigated, whether they should eat more carbs or less carbs to improve their fitness. Actually, with the current trend towards low-carb diets and a Paleo-lifestyle, and considering the world pandemic of obesity, you may be a conscientious-carb-counter. This topic is much more […]

Vegan Athletes

Vegan Turkey

So you wanna be a vegan athlete – what the hell is wrong with you? Settle down vegans, I’m only kidding, (well partially), I know how easy it is to rile you guys up. It may be the protein deficiency and blood sugar instability that sets you all off so easily. Ok kidding aside, I’m […]

Valentine’s Day – Another Reason For Athletes to Eat Chocolate

Chocolate Bike

Ah Valentine’s Day and we get to hear all about how chocolate is so good for us – it’s loaded with healthy antioxidants and is the nectar of the gods. Well, actually those who were once sacrificed to the gods were given chocolate mixed in blood before their hearts were ripped out, but I digress. […]

Joint and Tissue Repair – Enough to Make You “GAG”

joint pain

Joint and tissue health is an important topic among many people, especially athletes. Supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and other products are often taken when there is joint pain or degeneration, in hopes that a cure can be found in a bottle. Sometimes these substances work and sometimes they don’t. Some research says they […]