Athlete Health Concerns, Issues, & News

These articles discuss common athlete health concerns, current health issues, and related news. The aim is to provide insight as to why these athlete health problems occur and how to correct them rather than medicate the problem or pass it off as "just normal." Athletes have concerns that will affect not just their health and fitness, but their overall quality of life. As fitness improves, ideally an athlete's health should too, but unfortunately for many the opposite occurs – as fitness improves, athlete health suffers. Poor athlete health can manifest itself in various ways: low energy, sleep problems, medical symptoms such as asthma, allergies, low libido, and even mental problems such as irritability and concentration difficulties.

Let Your Kid Thrive Outside

Sock Doc Kids Moving

I wrote this article for the June/July edition of Paleo Magazine. For the full text and a lot of other great articles, grab one at Whole Foods or other locations or a digital copy here. The typical kid in today’s world isn’t outside much, and when indoors they’re not moving as much as they should, […]

Grinding Away: Bruxism

athlete bruxism

The Night Grind: Bruxism Bruxism – it’s clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth sometimes to the point of actually breaking a tooth. When you’re awake, and conscious, the force your body can produce by grinding your teeth together is around 250 psi (pounds per square inch) in the back molars and 85 psi in […]

NSAIDs – I Still Say Never


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – the infamous NSAIDs – touted by many to curtail inflammation, accelerate healing time, and even improve performance. But over the past several years there’s been more and more research supporting why you probably shouldn’t take an NSAID, due to the inherent dangers and the fact that they really don’t address the […]

Aging Athletes: Your Excuse Is Getting Old

elderly running

See the attached PDF for my recent article in Paleo Magazine, June/July 2014 edition – “Your Excuse Is Getting Old“. Check out Paleo Magazine for more great articles.   It’s Your Excuse That Is Getting Old “Your joints ache because you’re old.” “You’re fat because you’re old.” “You don’t sleep well because you’re old.” “You […]

Stress: “Make You, Break You”


See the attached PDF for my recent article in Paleo Magazine, April/May 2014 edition. Check out Paleo Magazine for more great articles. Stress: “Make You, Break You”   Stress: Make You, Break You Stress is that general term which many use to describe something that poses some threat to their overall health and well-being. You […]

The Athlete’s Adrenal Glands

athlete adrenal glands

Your adrenal glands are small walnut-sized glands that sit on top of each kidney. Though they only weigh three to five grams, they’re responsible for producing hormones to provide your body with sufficient energy, balance blood sugar, fight inflammation, regulate electrolytes, maintain libido, sustain blood pressure, and provide your body with a host of other […]

Why the Minimalist Footwear Trend Won’t Last

barefoot running

If you haven’t heard, the minimalist footwear industry has taken a turn for the worse. Shoe sales aren’t booming like they used to and companies are starting to add more material to their shoes to try to stay with the current market trend. After all, that’s what it’s about – the trend. If you’re a […]

Become a Better Athlete: Have More Sex

sex and athletes

What’s that – you’re too tired? Got a headache? Just not in the mood? Would you say the same thing for a workout and bail on that activity too? Just as a proper diet, restful sleep, and adequate exercise are necessary for optimal health and athletic performance, so is sexual activity. Hopefully you’re not following […]

Enough of the Aerobic and Endurance Bashing Fostered by “New Research” and Personal Agendas

shoe coffin

It’s back, and it’s getting old. Actually it never went away. I’m referring to the current round of news reports, websites, and “research” that have once again concluded that so-called aerobic and endurance training will, to some extent, harm your health if not outright kill you. I was going to let it go since these […]

Are You On Drugs?

Athletes PEDs - Doping Athletes

Doping in athletes and PED in sports is once again prevalent in the news. Not simply because of the recent London Games, but the downfall of Lance Armstrong, who, as I write this, has stepped down as chairman of the Livestrong Foundation and dropped by Nike, RadioShack, and Anheuser-Busch. ESPN recently aired the documentary“9.79*” profiling […]