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MovNat certified trainerMovNat® is both a physical education system and an activity that places at its core the full range of real-world, natural human movement skills – walking, running, balancing, jumping, crawling, climbing, swimming, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, and self-defense. MovNat exercises and workouts are for everyone regardless of age, size, athletic ability, or health.

MovNat training aims to teach effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability so that you can respond to demands placed upon you by the environment and the situation you’re faced with in life, every day or in an emergency. It’s physical competence for practical performance.

Learn how to move naturally with ease, power and grace and become very fit through the practice of MovNat!

I have written several times about how MovNat can benefit your entire life – your health, fitness, and overall nervous system. I am also a MovNat Certified Trainer.


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  1. jason cutler says:

    Love this stuff it just what i have always been wanting

  2. I have been incorporating Movnat in my training and I was wondering where you get your logs at?

  3. Samantha Bondo says:

    Just returned from a phenomenal MovNat workshop and plan on continuing training. Are there meet up groups or ‘classes’ in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area? Though MovNat is self motivating, it would be nice to occasionally train with others and also be able to work with a certified MovNat trainer.

    • Not that I know of but I’d love to get one going. If you don’t know – Vic will be out here for two weeks this June/July for two 5-day retreats.

      • Samantha Bondo says:

        Thank you. Yes, I am considering the retreat. It sounds fantastic. As far as a group, if you are interested, I could initiate either a Meetup or FB group. Facebook is free, but it would rely on connections of already local MovNaters (of which I know of only 1). Meetup has a $19 monthly charge but initiates community leads . I would also be willing to set up a meeting date/place and just email blast some Crossfit and Parkour facilities. We could aim for 1 meet every couple of months to start. Input?


  1. […] qualifier and finisher of the Ironman Hawaii World Championship Triathlon, and is currently a MovNat Certified Trainer. I can’t recommend this guy’s advice and wisdom highly […]

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