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"I’ve had a lot of doctors and trainers treat me and my players over the years. There is nobody better than Dr. Gangemi."

John Rennie; Soccer coach Duke University 1979-2007; National Soccer Coaches Hall of Fame

"I had a chronic leg injury for several months that prohibited me from performing my best on the ice. Dr. Gangemi took care of the problem in just a couple visits."

Dennis Seidenberg; Defense, Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Champions

"Dr. Gangemi helped relieve my chronic back pain that I’d had for years and helped me maintain my supplements and nutrition throughout the hockey season."

Justin Williams; Right Wing, Los Angeles Kings 2012 and 2014 Stanley Cup Champions


Sock Doc Injury First Aid

Sock Doc’s 4 part series covering natural treatment and prevention of both chronic and acute injuries. Learn why athletes get injured, and what you can do or should have done in order to heal quickly as well as prevent future problems. Icing and stretching are not beneficial!

Heal Injuries Faster Than You Ever Imagined

Sock Doc Training Principles

Sock Doc’s 5 part series covering aerobic, anaerobic and strength training. Learn how to better develop your cardiovascular system and become stronger while improving your overall health. The various dangers of ‘chronic cardio’ for endurance athletes are also highlighted.

Become a Strong, Fast, Efficient, Injury-Free Athlete

Sock Doc Carb Knowledge

Any athlete concerned about their performance has undoubtedly questioned whether they should eat more carbohydrates or less. In this 5 part series you’ll learn the reasons why and also when you might consider eating carbohydrates, along with what types of foods are the most beneficial to keep you fit and healthy.

Fuel Your Body Wisely

Healthy People = Barefoot People

Learn why it’s important to spend as much time as possible each day moving about while barefoot, as well as the connection between being unshod and your health. The discussion also includes minimalist shoes and transitioning out of conventional footwear.

Lose Your Shoes!

Stop Stretching!

Traditional stretching drills will not improve your fitness, nor are they helpful in the prevention or rehabilitation of any injury. In fact, most stretching programs are a complete waste of time, often resulting in more harm than good.

Get Flexible Without Stretching

Are Orthotics Really Ever Necessary?

Orthotics rarely address the underlying problem of any dysfunction but rather support your problem to provide temporary relief, at best. Learn how and why you should want to step out of your foot braces and truly rehabilitate your foot and entire gait.

Rehab Your Feet and Entire Body

Mission Statement

Sock Doc's mission is to educate athletes about the benefits of natural injury treatments and prevention. Most conventional therapies such as medication, wearing orthotics, and stretching, do not address the underlying causes of injury. With Sock Doc's holistic recommendations and methods, you'll finally break free of an endless cycle of frustration and costly symptom-based injury treatments that rarely work. You'll learn how to listen to your body and become a faster, stronger, healthier and more efficient athlete.

Sock Doc’s Weekly Tip

Before you head into some latest and greatest treatment such as shock wave therapy, e-stim, prolotherapy, PRP, or any of the other many conventional therapies available today, remember that there was a time when the human hands were the main therapeutic tool driven by a sharp mind that was capable of figuring problems out based upon listening, observation, touch, and knowledge of the human body.

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