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  1. I’ve tried all the things for PF, it’s better but I still have top of foot pain and burning! What to do now?? Thanks!!!!

      • Thanks so much. I’ve looked at both and I’m doing those things. Back in June I had an MRI done and it showed a tear that was 75 percent. I wore a boot for 9 weeks then orthotics and physical therapy, but still have pain and burning on top of foot. I don’t know what else to do. I would love to start back running some day!!!!

  2. Thanks for another educational video. After struggling with tendonitis for the past 9 months I’ve been following your mehtods for the past month and just started with the balancing on the weekend so this was well timed!

    I’ve felt much bettter in the past few weeks and it’s been good to identify all the other things in my life that have been impacting on my recovery; e.g. over-training, stress, diet etc.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Great video! I have just done my first Cross country race last Saturday for 10 months (9K and very muddy) and managed it ok – the AT is under control but everything generally is sore! feet in particular, muscles joints. Think I still lack some foot and leg strength so I will start implementing these drills. My balance is pretty good but if I close my eyes I really lose my it! I need to practise.
    Thanks Sock Doc.

  4. Thanks for posting this. Perfect timing for me as I have just had my first visit to a Physical Therapist to help me recover from ankle pain (after jumping too quickly into training with my Newtons) and she was recommending most of exactly what you described. Validation is always a good thing!

  5. I got an x ray and I’m told I don’t have a “normal foot” (bones have shifted over=flat feet). even though I’m strengthening, will it even matter if I don’t have a normal foot? I did the exercises and the bottom of my feet are pumped but I still feel like im walking on the inside of my feet. does it just take time to adjust or is it because the foot structure.

    • Typically the structure, such as the arch, has little or nothing to do with it. But there would of course be no way to know w/o seeing you so always good to see a doc or therapist who can evaluate that for you.

  6. Hello Doc, I just found your website yesterday. Recently I have had really sore calves. Prior to that I have had PF and AT. I really want to try your barefoot excercizes. My questions is since I’m just starting out how ofter a day should do these barefoot excercizes (standing on one foot, toe raises, running in place)?


  7. Been suffering with plantar / heel pain for close to 2 years and have tried everything with little to no improvement. Been to different doctors and have spent near 1000 dollars on inserts, orthotics, new shoes, night boots etc. All sports and fitness have been stopped cold with barely enough strength to get through work. Your site and advise is next in a long list of cures ive tried. Going to start with foot balancing and towel scrunches . Im 45 with low bmi and outwardly healthy appearance but cant beat a 90 year old in a foot race !

    • So, Nick, any improvement yet? Woiuld like to hear if this is workign for you. I’ve had a similar experience, finding no help from other docs. Was wondering if the Sock Doc is helping you?

  8. Hello Doc, first my words of appreciation for what you’re doing. I consistently find that public health service fails to deliver good results. The doctors I meet don’t work in right way. The don’t educate me so that I can understand where my problem could be coming from. Instead I get bunch of exercises that usually is good for most.

    I have left knee pain for about 3,5 half years that has been on growing spree in last year.
    My left knee is making clicking sound, and it it’s painful to climb the stairs, but recently also little bit painful to descendent. In last two months I haven been given exercises from NHS physio that targets knee area and also itband stretches. At the same time I’ve started to have pain around knee area on daily basis even when resting. I should probably add do on summers I mountain cycle a lot, and that increase pain for few days after.

    Seeing no improvement I’ve started looking for solution myself and I found your site.
    I stopped stretching and started exercising like you recommend in the above video. That lead me to a find that my knee problem is only side effect. Those exercises revealed that my left ankle has mobility problem.
    Squat test shows huge disproportion between my legs. All the hits and walking feedback forces are going to my knee as ankle is in sort of protective mode.

    I’ve modified my died to be get less energy from carbs and more from proteins and fats.
    Now I’m getting good on standing on one leg ( each of them ), I can do one minute quite easily.
    I also can do up to 10 repetitions of standing on my toes.

    I’ve added one more exercise, not sure if it’s good for me or you can propose something else.
    I lean against the wall and try to pass my toes with the knee.
    During that exercise my left ankle feels stiff or like if someone put wedge exactly in the middle of it.
    What do you think of it?

    Thank you in advance.

  9. Hi Dr. Gangemi,
    I was referred to your teachings for foot strengthening exercises by my local doc who also has been helping me tremendously, to continue with running, something I truly enjoy. I’ve had recurring injuries, especially after I run on a treadmill.

    I have watched your video on foot strengthening and performed the exercises for the past two days, and noticed a difference right away.

    My question is, since my left foot and (I think my hip muscles) are weaker than my right, due to having surgery on my left foot several years ago, should I do strengthening for the left foot only, in order to make it gain strength, then work on the right foot…..or does it matter.

    Thanks for your teachings and your help.

    • It probably doesn’t matter but ideally you need to see someone who knows how to properly deal with the injury-muscle fatigue pattern you are possibly still having.

  10. Hi Doctor,

    I was looking for remedies for my feet problem for a while as well to address my son’ concerns with his feet.
    To start with my son: he is 11 and plays tennis competitively .During last few months he started complaining about his knees and sometimes about his lower back .Short story, we saw a physiotherapist who diagnosed him with flat feet and he recommended orthotics.
    In the same time, and my case I went through other issues including bunion and I ended up with some shoe inserts. My whole life I was pretty active with playing all sorts of sports and recently I noticed that I have hard time playing my favourite sport –soccer while wearing the inserts.
    Additionally, I was talking with my son’s coach (he is 28 years) and he mentioned he was wearing the inserts starting when he was 12 but he still has issues.
    Those aspects raised my concerns about the validity of orthotics as a solution for my and my son’ problems. Then I noticed your site and I am commenting on your post kindly requesting your feedback.

  11. I am struggling w/foot pain. I would like yo look at your video Foot Strength, Foot Rehab.. Bug the video is not working. I hopd you can fix it. Thanks. I’ve done months of PT, wear arch supports when I workour and I am in pain all the time. I am hoping yo get more info on triggerpoints, etc. Thank you

  12. I wear socks around the house. How does this compare with going barefoot? Is just going barefoot better than wearing socks all of the time? I appreciate your wonderful information.

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