Health & Injury Prevention Series on YouTube FLOW

This is the first of a new series of films made especially for the Flow YouTube channel. This on-going series will cover certain athletic injuries, healthy (and unhealthy) foods, training principles, and a whole lot more! Watch, listen, and learn how to be a more fit and healthy athlete and lower your injury risk. Check out a new video each Thursday on the Flow channel!

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  1. tcrain says

    Hi Soc Doc i have a few questions for you. My first is that i have had bicep tendon/supraspinatus tendonosis for a year and 3 months. ( Ya thats way to long i know) but it isn’t healing up even after i went to physical therapy. I have also been feeling a sensation of the bicep tendon being kind of compressed or sticky inside the groove but its only a feeling, I dont have any loss of motion or anything. I am wondering if you could give me some pointers even though its not the best to do this online. I have been doing the trigger points for the shoulder just like in your videos. Thanks, and any tips you could offer is appreciated!

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