Coach & Athlete’s Testimonials

“I am a Principal ballerina with Carolina Ballet, and originally became a patient of Dr. Gangemi nearly 4 years ago. I was suffering from an injury that seemed beyond any and every sports medicine doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor and massage therapist that I had sought out. Little did I know, he would not only solve the aliment that I had been suffering from for months in a matter of 2 weeks, but he also revolutionized my nutrition, fitness and overall health. I have gained a new understanding and appreciation for reaching true physical balance that has allowed me to thrive in my profession but also achieve a healthier lifestyle. I have continued to seek out his treatment and advice for subjects ranging from my dance injuries to brands of dog food for my pets. His wealth of knowledge and commitment to uncovering the source of any ache, pain or problem I have presented him with has earned my utmost trust. Several of my family members, friends and colleagues have now themselves become patients and have also experienced incredible results through his unique methods. I am so thankful for every time he has made it possible for me to get on stage when just hours earlier I couldn’t bend my knee or point my foot, but most of all is the gratitude I hold for the quality of life I’ve achieved during the short four years I’ve worked with him.” – Lara O’Brien; Principal Ballerina with Carolina Ballet

“I am a MovNat athlete and despite always focusing on movement efficiency, my body is subject to forces that sometimes create imperceptible imbalances and minor pains. Dr. Gangemi can perceive these imbalances and fix them in no time, providing immediate relief when those imbalances have created a pain. He has treated me as well as other MovNat team members and participants to our workshops, and I have consistently witnessed the effectiveness of his therapeutic skills. He is really a different kind of chiropractor and I wish he was living in my neighborhood!” – Erwan Le Corre; Founder of MovNat & Master Instructor

“I can’t thank Dr. Gangemi enough for getting several of my best players back in record time. My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner – I’d probably have a better coaching record. My athletic department hates him, my athletes have no idea what he’s doing (only at first – as with all of his success stories) and he doesn’t wear shoes in the office, but who cares because he’s the best there is at what he does. He also has been a tremendous help to me and my wife over the years with our various injuries and ailments. As you can tell, I’m a very big fan, and I’ve had a lot of doctors and trainers treat me and my players over the years. There is nobody better than Dr. Gangemi. Thanks for all that you do.” – John Rennie; Head men’s soccer coach Duke University 1979-2007; Most wins all time in men’s soccer in Atlantic Coast Conference history, overall and in the ACC Overall record 454-207-48; Won Duke’s first National Championship in any sport; Produced 6 National Players of the Year – most in college soccer history; Member – NC Soccer Hall of Fame; Inductee – National Soccer Coaches Hall of Fame – January 13, 2012

“Dr. Stephen Gangemi has treated several athletes on the UNC Men`s Soccer team with amazing results. Recovery and return to full activity for some athletes has happened at an accelerated rate compared to traditional treatment options. Dr. Gangemi not only analyses the existing injury but finds the cause of it, which may be triggered by pre existing symptoms in other parts of the body. I have first hand experienced the healing power of his treatment methods and I highly recommend him to anyone.” – Elmar Bolowich; UNC Head Men’ s Soccer Coach 1989-2011, 2000 & 2010 ACC Coach of the Year, 2001 National Champion, ACC and NCAA Coach of the Year, Creighton Men`s Soccer Coach 2011-present, 2011 NCAA Midwest Coach of the Year and MVC Coach of the Year

“Dr. Gangemi helped relieve my chronic back pain that I’d had for years and helped me maintain my supplements and nutrition throughout the hockey season.” – Justin Williams; Right Wing, Los Angeles Kings 2012 Stanley Cup Champions

“I had a chronic leg injury for several months that prohibited me from performing my best on the ice. Dr. Gangemi took care of the problem in just a couple visits. He also helped me recover faster from various injuries that are common in professional hockey. Along with his treatments, his nutritional advice resolved some muscular cramps I used to get and helped me perform better.” Dennis Seidenberg; Defense, Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Champions

“I’m very grateful to Dr. Steve Gangemi. I met him during one of our MovNat workshops in West Virginia and in a couple of sessions he was able to treat an old injury I had. I was extremely pleased to see how effective his method is.”  – Vic Verdier; MovNat Master Instructor

Billy Schuler soccer“I can’t thank Dr. Gangemi enough for helping me get through my college career and keeping me on the field through times when I just couldn’t understand why my body wasn’t performing.  I contribute a lot of my success to his kinesiology and have continued to practice many of his methods to this day while I’m playing professionally.  I always look forward to the next time I’m in town and can set up my next appointment.” – Billy Schuler; Former UNC midfielder now with Swedish club Hammarby

Oki Alexander - MovNat“I don’t know Sock Doc personally but I hear about him through the MovNat network. Intrigued I checked out his site and intrigued by his treatment methods described in blogs and video I started working on some old injuries I had. To my surprise a more than 4 year old ankle injury was resolved within a week! I’ve seen chiropractors and acupuncturists about this as well as regular doctors, and none were able to offer a solution that worked. With the same method I removed short term injuries in my shoulders and am currently working on a 2 year old case of tendinitis. I bought all classic works on trigger point therapy and am fully engaged in studying them. The Sock Doc and his excellent site are and will be a great inspiration to me in the search for health and athleticism in myself and in helping others on this quest. When I visit the US again I will make an effort to go and see Doctor Gangemi if possible.” Oki Alexander; 4th dan kendoka, owner MovNat Shanghai and fighter against forces of evil

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