VIVOBAREFOOT – Sock Doc’s favorite footwear. They’re as barefoot as you can be without actually being barefoot. No drop. No arch support. No cushioning. No motion control. Plenty of unaltered proprioception to help with your balance, body awareness, and overall health and fitness.

VIVOBAREFOOT makes shoes for on the road, off the road (trail) and multi-terrain. Whether you’re in the office or in some water they’ve got a barefoot-style shoe to fit your need. Plus, they’re well aware that kids’ feet need only one thing to develop properly – a little bit of protection at certain times. So they’ve created a diverse line of kids shoes and boots to fit their needs.

I have completed several VIVOBAREFOOT shoe reviews that you can find below. I don’t get paid any money from anyone for my VIVOBAREFOOT shoe reviews and I don’t work for them nor am I an affiliate; I just think they’ve got great shoes. If you’re interested in injury prevention and optimum health and fitness as I am, then VIVOBAREFOOT will fit your lifestyle.

Make sure you read “Healthy People = Barefoot People” to learn more about how your bare feet and your health are interrelated with each other as well as how to properly transition into a barefoot type shoe. There’s a powerpoint presentation at the end worth watching too.

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