Vegan Athletes

Vegan Turkey

So you wanna be a vegan athlete – what the hell is wrong with you? Settle down vegans, I’m only kidding, (well partially), I know how easy it is to rile you guys up. It may be the protein deficiency and blood sugar instability that sets you all off so easily. Ok kidding aside, I’m […]

Nutrition & Energy Bars – Know What You’re Eating

Energy Bars

Nutrition (energy) bars have come a long way from the days when their manufacturers only catered to weight lifters. Today’s energy bars come in wide variety of ingredients, sizes, textures, and prices. Not all energy bars are the same and like all food, you should choose wisely when deciding which bar to grab to satisfy your […]

Get It Right to Race Faster – Nutrition Before, During, and After the Race


What you eat before, during (if the race is long enough), and after a race as well as during exercise will have a profound effect on your performance as well as recovery. Eating the right types of food before your race can help as much as eating the wrong type of food can hinder. Depending […]