Motivation Part II: Healing and Optimizing Your Two Brains

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You may not be fat but hopefully your brain is around 60% fat. Most of this is arachidonic (AA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA) fatty acids. AA fats are my favorite fats and I discuss more on why you want to eat pasture meats, wild fatty fish, butter, and egg yolks here. Not only will you dampen […]

Athlete Motivation Part I: It’s In Both of Your Brains


There are a couple standout ways to become a better athlete yet even more ways in which you can hinder fitness progress and overall performance. Simply put – it’s easier to screw things up. With respect to improving, (making improvements or seeing improvements), proper training and recovery are at the top of that list which […]

Carbohydrates: Evil or Essential?

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Any athlete who is concerned about their performance has questioned, if not thoroughly investigated, whether they should eat more carbs or less carbs to improve their fitness. Actually, with the current trend towards low-carb diets and a Paleo-lifestyle, and considering the world pandemic of obesity, you may be a conscientious-carb-counter. This topic is much more […]

Ankle Sprains, Pains, Instability and Other Ligament Damage: Check Your Hormones

Ankle injury

Whether you’re an avid runner or not you’ve most likely experienced an ankle problem at one point or another. Perhaps you twisted your ankle during a workout or simply stepped off a curb and “landed wrong.” Ankle sprains are very common injuries especially if you venture off-road on some treacherous trails for a hike or […]

First Aid For Injuries Part III – Inflammation: Embrace It and Control It


So you’re (still) injured but now you hopefully understand why you’re injured. As discussed in Part I of the Sock Doc First Aid For Injuries, if you didn’t have some sort of traumatic accident then your injury was slowly developing over time due to muscle imbalances which resulted from too much stress in your life. […]

Tendonitis or Bursitis? Natural Treatment & Prevention Regardless of Which “Itis” You Have


“Itis” means inflammation usually as a result of trauma (such as a tendon strain) or infection. However inflammation can also occur from nutritional problems as well as local muscle and joint dysfunctions, and I’d say that this is much more common than actual trauma and infection. Think about how often a runner develops an injury […]

Your Running Shoes Are Only Part of the Injury-Free Prescription

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Since Sock Doc began almost three months ago, one of the most common questions I have been asked is, “Sock Doc, I’m running in minimalist shoes (or barefoot), but I’m still injured – why?” This question tells me one thing – runners think that if you get out of your over- supportive, cushioned running shoes […]

Breathe Better: Understanding Exercise-Induced Asthma


Asthma, including exercise-induced asthma (EIA), is the diagnosis given to more and more people everyday, from kids to overfat individuals and yes, even to the very fit athlete. This condition is defined as a spasm or constriction of the bronchials causing diminished airflow resulting in wheezing, tightness of the chest, difficulty breathing, and sometimes coughing. […]

Get It Right to Race Faster – Nutrition Before, During, and After the Race


What you eat before, during (if the race is long enough), and after a race as well as during exercise will have a profound effect on your performance as well as recovery. Eating the right types of food before your race can help as much as eating the wrong type of food can hinder. Depending […]