The Athlete’s Adrenal Glands

athlete adrenal glands

Your adrenal glands are small walnut-sized glands that sit on top of each kidney. Though they only weigh three to five grams, they’re responsible for producing hormones to provide your body with sufficient energy, balance blood sugar, fight inflammation, regulate electrolytes, maintain libido, sustain blood pressure, and provide your body with a host of other […]

Carbohydrates: Evil or Essential?

athlete sugar junkie

Any athlete who is concerned about their performance has questioned, if not thoroughly investigated, whether they should eat more carbs or less carbs to improve their fitness. Actually, with the current trend towards low-carb diets and a Paleo-lifestyle, and considering the world pandemic of obesity, you may be a conscientious-carb-counter. This topic is much more […]

Heart Damage: Five Ways to Prevent a Heart Injury and Reduce Your Chances of Dropping Dead

heart running

Damage to your heart is one injury you definitely don’t want; you might not live through it. As a conclusion to the several articles I have written discussing heart damage and exercise, including the article I wrote two weeks ago,“Enough of the Aerobic and Endurance Bashing Fostered by ‘New Research’ and Personal Agendas”, I want […]

Ankle Sprains, Pains, Instability and Other Ligament Damage: Check Your Hormones

Ankle injury

Whether you’re an avid runner or not you’ve most likely experienced an ankle problem at one point or another. Perhaps you twisted your ankle during a workout or simply stepped off a curb and “landed wrong.” Ankle sprains are very common injuries especially if you venture off-road on some treacherous trails for a hike or […]

Tendonitis or Bursitis? Natural Treatment & Prevention Regardless of Which “Itis” You Have


“Itis” means inflammation usually as a result of trauma (such as a tendon strain) or infection. However inflammation can also occur from nutritional problems as well as local muscle and joint dysfunctions, and I’d say that this is much more common than actual trauma and infection. Think about how often a runner develops an injury […]

Varicose Veins – Like a Pack of Worms Under the Skin

George Hincapie Veins

That’s the calf of the great American cyclist George Hincapie, currently riding in this year’s Tour de France. It’s an unsightly case of varicose veins, which are very common not just with cyclists, but other athletes too, including ordinary, everyday people. Although common, they are definitely not normal, and there are steps you can take […]

Your Running Shoes Are Only Part of the Injury-Free Prescription

barefoot runner2

Since Sock Doc began almost three months ago, one of the most common questions I have been asked is, “Sock Doc, I’m running in minimalist shoes (or barefoot), but I’m still injured – why?” This question tells me one thing – runners think that if you get out of your over- supportive, cushioned running shoes […]

Overpronation Is Really Not Your Problem


Are you a pronator? How bout’ an overpronator? Hopefully you’re the former and not the latter, though these terms are often used interchangeably to diagnose why someone has a foot problem or injury. However, overpronation of the foot is not the ultimate cause of any problem or injury, but a symptom of a problem and […]

Athletes and Allergies – They’re a Nuisance, But Not Entirely Normal

blowing snot

Here in North Carolina the pine pollen is out with a vengeance. My Cervelo P3 has changed from black to a slight yellowish tint, and most likely my lungs look the same after a long ride. Sneezing, bloodshot eyes, itchy skin, and asthma symptoms are the most common complaints athletes present with. Ever wonder why […]

Easy on the Carbs – Get Lean, Get Fast

fat bike

Carbohydrate intolerance/insulin resistance are terms often used interchangeably because they usually go hand-in-hand. These conditions can significantly affect the health and fitness of any runner, cyclist, or triathlete. Excess carb intake, or not metabolizing carbs very well, will result in weight gain, (or the inability to lose weight), aerobic metabolism problems, and inflammation leading to […]