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  1. Great article Doc!! It seems that everybody has a shoulder problem, so its good to get that trigger point info along with the exercises.

  2. I’m going to throw this out there that Dr Gangemi is a badass! That hanging shoulder exercise is crazy hard and he made it look so easy in the video. I’m sticking to my crawling and climbing for shoulder excercise for now.

    Good video Doc

  3. I have deltoid pain when I use my shoulders, in both L and R delts. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and it persists. Prolotherapy, hanging, OT, nothing works. It looks like in that last segment you started to touch on it. Where my delts insert, it is VERY tender on both sides. I just don’t know how to fix it.

    Could it be refered pain from bilateral bone spurs?

    • Hi Dave. Can’t show everything on the videos due to length and there is just so much that can go wrong. There has to be some muscle imbalance in the area. Bone spurs are most likely there because of the shoulder ROM problems. Sometimes the delts lock up because of diaphragm (breathing) problems.

      As I often say to people – “Sometimes you just gotta be treated by a doc or therapist who looks at the entire body from a structural, nutritional, and emotional perspective and understands how everything is interrelated and attributing to a health issue or injury.” Although there’s not a lot of “us” out there, that’s your best bet. A good doc will be able to get you back in a very short period of time and if not, at least explain why it may take longer.

  4. hey doc I was dianosed with biceps tendonitis of the long head in my left shoulder. I have been resting completely for a month now. The tendonitis seems to have gotten better, but about 2 weeks into my rest I began to feel light aches and pain in my right shoulder (healthy one). Sometimes its in the anterior deltoid, but sometimes it can travel to the medial deltoid or on in other locations of the shoulder. NOW, I have anterior deltoid aches in the anterior deltoids of both shoulders. Do you think this could be from lack of use and possible tightness?

    Any help would be great

    • Doubt it is from lack of use. Most likely some other imbalance that hasn’t been recognized yet. First place I’d look is in the rhomboids and lats as I show in the video.

  5. Hey doc! Thank you so much for making these videos. I’ve been suffering with Bursitis in my shoulder for months! I’m not even sure how it happened, but I do know I tend to sleep on that side in awkward positions and I also do yoga and had been doing it on carpeted areas, which is likely unsafe. I was put on steroids, but after I came off from them the shoulder pain has been getting incrementally worse, and now it’s far worse than it was before the steroids. I’m very confused about how diet can help with this, as you mentioned that an acidic diet would help with calcium deposits? I’ve also read that reducing acid can help treat inflammation. I’ve also been taking fish oil and a natural medicine called zyflammed, for the past week. It still feels like it’s getting worse. I was considering getting a shot into the bursa, but I don’t have the money to go to the doctors for this treatment and I’m also afraid that more steroids will just make it worse! Please help, as it feels like it’s spreading and it hurts all down my upper arm now when I lift it.

  6. Great informative video and I will try working on these trigger points. I am a very active 50 year old woman with a shoulder which appears to be in the ‘freezing’ stage (pretty sure due to repetitive stress at work) and I want to do everything I can to forestall it! Your last slide about dynamic natural motions being a good rehab was intriguing to me. Do you think paddle sports like rowing and kayaking would be beneficial to regaining mobility? What if there is pain in the motion – is it a bad idea to ‘push the pain’ a little (or a lot?)

    • Those are good sports but not sure if they’d be best for mobility rehab. A lot of people row/paddle more with their arms rather than the back/scapula.

      Some mild discomfort is okay as long as you continue to heal and progress. More pain, especially one that hinders motion, would be a bad thing to push through.

  7. I suffered a shoulder injury 4 months back.But ignored it and continued to box.Now it has worsened so last week doctor told me to get MRI and Xray done.And what the doctor told is that i suffer from hyper laxativity joint whch is genetic.This was the MRi report:
    Mild fluid noted in subacromial and subcoracoid bursa and bicep tendon’
    Mild shoulder effusion
    Can u give me specific exercises to fix this.any supplement recomended.Videos wil b helpful
    Thank you

  8. This video showed me why I’ve been having shoulder pain. I started really trigger pointing it on my own and doing lots of foam rolling and slowly it’s getting better. Thanks for the video!

  9. This is helpful. Great site. I’ve had some rotator cuff problems over the years and have been given conflicting advice from my ortho and physical therapists. The PT people showed me good ways to do push-ups for strengthening the shoulders. My ortho doc said never to do push-ups after age 40 because they put too much pressure on the rotator cuff. Who is right?

    • Seriously? This is an April Fools Joke early, right? Does he even know anatomy or correct form of exercises?

      When do we (humans) stop doing pull-ups – age 30? And no squatting after age 50? That’s an embarrassing statement for humans by your ortho doc.

  10. The doctors operated on my left shoulder earlier in 2015 and I still have the same problem when i move my arm a certain way. I think I have a torn ligament, because the operation of cleaning out my rotator cuff did not help and the Military Dr Sullivan at Eglin AFB, Florida left the stitches in too long for a deep scar on top of my shoulder area and I think they left some of the stitches embedded into the skin. My shoulder is not frozen but pains me when moving my arm. What is your advice?

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