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Running with Luna Catamounts

Recently I was sent a pair of Luna Catamount sandals, (gratis), from Luna to try out and review. In a nutshell – I love them. They are definitely my favorite pair of huarache sandals, and actually of any sandal I own.

The Catamount is an all-terrain sandal that is handmade at Luna in Seattle. It has a 2-3 mm shell cordovan leather upper and a specially acquired 4mm Vibram® rubber sole with superb tread and durability. The leather feels great on my feet when walking; I haven’t worn anything on my feet but the Catamounts for the last 2 weeks. Running in the Catamounts is also very comfortable and definitely makes me aware of how my foot is landing. It provides great rock protection and grip while still allowing for firm ground feel. At times when I shifted too much onto my heel I would get what I call “sandal slap,” which is the smacking down of the front of the sandal. Maybe there is another term for this? For me, other huarache sandals where hard to run in either because they had too flimsy of a sole or the lacing either cut into my skin or didn’t support the sandal on my foot. This doesn’t happen with the Lunas because of their awesome Elasticized Lace System.

The Elasticized Lace Attachment System eliminates the wear on the lace at the toe hole and makes the sandals completely flat underfoot along with a flat plug that is countersunk into the bottom of the sandal. The ribbon between the toes allows for even the narrowest toe gaps to be comfortable, eliminating the need to use a narrower lace. The 5/8” elasticized laces are very comfortable and keep the sandal snug (but not too tight) around the ankle, so I didn’t have to try to hang on to the sandal with the toe hold, which is not only incorrect but would hurt like hell after a short period; I know from wearing other sandals.

Vibram sole and Elasticized Lace Attachment System

The Catamount weighs in at 6 oz for a size 9 with 5/8″ elasticized laces and costs $140. Yeah, they’re pricey, but I think well worth it. Luna is a great company that uses natural, sustainable materials that are easy to make by hand with simple tools. Their philosophy: “When we become more connected and in tune with our own bodies, as well as with each other, we can often regain a fundamental source of happiness, joy, and good health; our bodies are not broken by design and when we trust them, our instincts, and our desires, we often find a more genuine expression of who we are,” are one-in-the-same with the SockDoc philosophy.

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