Injury-Free Running Booklet

I am pleased to have contributed to the Natural Running Center’s booklet Injury-Free Running: Become a More Efficient and Faster Runner. This short but very sweet 72-page booklet discusses the basics of natural running and how it can help anybody and everybody not just run more efficiently, but develop their overall health and fitness. You’ll learn how to choose a proper shoe so it doesn’t alter your gait and result in an injury. How to transition from the typical over-supportive shoe most people wear today into a more minimalism and barefoot-style shoe should be the goal of everyone looking to achieve optimal health and fitness. This book will get you teach you how as well as address why it’s so important.

As one of the eight contributors to the booklet, I discuss common running injuries and how to treat and prevent them – naturally of course – and I also discuss how your diet will affect how you walk, run, and move about your day.

There’s a whole lot more in the booklet and best of all it’s free. Just head on over to the Natural Running Center and click on the banner for the book in the upper right of your screen. All you need to do is provide your email address and sign up for their newsletter. And before you roll your eyes – don’t worry – I guarantee you there’s no gimmick here and it’s not one of those sites that’s going to send you spam or flood your inbox. If you don’t want to be on the email list then get the free book and unsubscribe; pretty simple. Kick your shoes off and enjoy! Feel free to post your questions and comments here.

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