Think Twice Before You Ice On FLOW

Video #2 for the Flow YouTube channel. Should you ice an injury? It’s not usually the best idea even though it’s what we’re often told. For more info check out the Sock Doc First Aid For Injuries Part II.

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  1. Bert Smith says

    I love your site but wanted to comment. I ice with trauma injuries after I have been hit or I have dislocated something. I know my body is going to over do it and put too much inflamation in and I want to slow it down.

    I know with a dislocation if I do not get it back in place before the inflamation starts it will take much longer to get it back in place. weeks instead of days. It helps to get the inflamation down so I can get realigned then heat to encourage the healing process. I accept this only works for me but it is diy or nothing.

    Thanks for a great site still wresting with heart monitor and aerobic training!

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