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These articles discuss fitness products and also include running gear reviews and fitness product reviews. Fitness products and running gear can help or hinder athletic performance. In addition to fitness product reviews, the use of orthotics is discussed often throughout the Sock-Doc site as it is a common product prescribed to athletes, as well as the general public. Orthotics don't correct any problem, yet they support dysfunction and offer temporary pain relief at best while the user often creates further musculoskeletal compensations resulting in other problems later in life. Among fitness product reviews, we also discuss the detrimental effects of overly supportive shoes like Kuru shoes for those with plantar fasciitis. Other fitness product reviews include bike clothing treated with electrolytes and various sandals and even sock reviews.

VIVOBAREFOOT Gobi Review: Get Around In Style

Gobi Black Vivobarefoot

The Vivobarefoot Gobi marks my first-ever pair of casual boots,  and they’ve definitely exceeded my expectations. The Gobi is super comfortable, lightweight, and is exactly what I look for in a minimalist-type shoe – unrestricted movement and unaltered proprioception.

Do Not Wear Orthotics! 10 Reasons Not to Wear Orthotics

NO-Orthotics, Courtsy of Zero-Drop

Zero Drop and Sock Doc have put together a top ten list of why you should avoid orthotics if you really care about your feet – actually if you care about your entire body. Caveat: some extreme foot deformities or injuries may require the assistance of orthotics. But c’mon, for millions of runners and walkers? […]

Injinji Performance Toesocks Review

Injinji Performance Socks

Thanks to the gang at Injinji Toesocks for sending me a complimentary pair of their Performance Toesocks. Actually they sent me two pair because the first one went missing in my household of five, but was later retrieved after they sent me another pair. But that turned out great because both my wife and my […]

Swiftwick Sock Review

Swiftwick Running Socks

Hey the Sock Doc’s gotta wear socks – and thanks to Swiftwick I’ve been wearing some nice ones this winter. Swiftwick sent me (gratis) some of their Aspire One Compression Socks (in photo) which are my favorite pair of socks in the drawer right now. They’re the ones that unless overly sweaty, stinky, or muddy […]

Luna Catamount Review

Running with Luna Catamounts

Recently I was sent a pair of Luna Catamount sandals, (gratis), from Luna to try out and review. In a nutshell – I love them. They are definitely my favorite pair of huarache sandals, and actually of any sandal I own.

Are Orthotics Really Ever Necessary?


The prescription and use of orthotics is a hot topic. Some physicians don’t appreciate that fact that I think orthotics are expensive pieces of carbon graphite, neoprene, and other material that most often serve as a disservice to the patient. My stance on orthotics is such due to how I evaluate, treat, and manage patients. […]

Branca Barefoot Shoe Review

Branca Barefoot

Branca Barefoot recently sent me a complimentary pair of their Leather Branca sandals to test out and review for the SockDoc site. Over the last several weeks I have actually ditched my footwear almost entirely, staying barefoot almost the entire day, with the exception of a couple runs a week in minimalist shoes. So my […]

Drink My Shorts: New Bike Clothing is Treated with Electrolytes

Chris MacDonald suffers from the heat in central Missouri

Bart Simpson made famous the expression, “Eat My shorts.” An Italian bike clothing company now wants you to “drink its shorts.” Nalini has developed a new type of garment that marries sports apparel with nutrition. Its Vite Bibshort contains an “active treatment” fabric that allows the user to absorb electrolytes and vitamins, right through the  […]

Orthotics – Supportive Beds For Your Feet to Grow Weak In


Proper footwear is essential when exercising and even just walking as you do your daily activities. Today many shoes are  made to look cool and flashy, but they are unfortunately making foot function worse. There are numerous shoes with anti-pronation devices, arch supports, ankle supports, and motion control devices & stabilizers. These are often causing […]

Kuru Footwear Gonna Help Your Plantar Fasciitis? Highly Unlikely

foot shoes

Kuru Footwear is the latest example of superficially treating the symptoms of a foot injury without addressing the underlying cause. In this case, Kuru has planted its feet-first flag on plantar fasciitis, the scourge of runners. Never had pf? You are lucky or smart, or both. If you had pf, you know what an icepick-jabbing-in […]