Aging Athletes: Your Excuse Is Getting Old

elderly runningSee the attached PDF for my recent article in Paleo Magazine, June/July 2014 edition – “Your Excuse Is Getting Old“. Check out Paleo Magazine for more great articles.


  1. My mind is still adjusting to having a 52 year old body, which means than when I’m on the track, training for the 100m, and I think, “Okay, let’s just do ONE MORE,” that’s my cue to STOP!


  2. Hey Doc,
    I’m a letter carrier and currently have a walking route.I walk about 5 miles a day in the sunny,hot heat of Florida.Do you think being outside for such a long period of time(around 7 hours)Can be detrimental to my health?

    • For the most part, I think the more you’re outside the better. Of course, anything can be extreme – if you’re wearing poor footwear, not staying hydrated, and carrying your packages improperly then problems can arise.

  3. Thanks

  4. Hey Doc,
    Happy Father’s Day.I’ve been Paleo for almost a year now.I have been increasing my fat consumption ie-Eggs,Coconut Avocado.I just can’t seem to handle grass fed butter.I don’t get terrible gas,cramping or anything of that nature.Just a little bit flatulent.I know this is part of the digestive process as with eating resistant starches.How do I know if this is a lactose/milk protein allergy or normal digestive function?

    • I would never call that a normal digestive function. Most likely you have a slight dairy intolerance. Try Ghee and see if it’s better or even try whole milk and see if it’s worse.

  5. Frankie says:

    Hey Doc,
    I’ve watched your knee pain video a few times already and have been able to isolate where my knee pain is coming from.I’m getting interior knee pain from my groin all the way down to my knee.I’ve been working the trigger points with a device.(ie,moji 360,the stick)but don’t seem to be making sufficient progress.This condition has taken years to develop.So I’m being patient.The entire area is sore,so this is somewhat painful.Not sure exactly what to do next.Maybe try a hands on approach instead of trigger point device?

    • As I explain in the video, those muscles are closely associated with the adrenal glands. Check out the series on this site regarding those glands.

  6. Lundgren says:

    Hello Sock-Doc! I heard from my dad that his family (his dad and his grandpa and so on, I´m not sure how far it goes) have some joint-problem that you notice in your fingers when you are getting older. My moms family doesn’t have that problem what i know. Is it something i should worry about and can i prevent it by eat something special or some exercises? My dad is eating rosehip-meal and he says that it works. Do you have any tips or something?

    • Many people are genetically predisposed to problems but by taking care of yourself via lifestyle and diet modifications, you can deter many of these health problems you may otherwise develop.

      • Lundgren says:

        Thank you for your answer! You are one of the most inspiring people I know! Which is the biggest modification in my diet as I can make, I am 15 years old and I am eating quite normal food such as meat, potatoes, pasta, bread, milk, cheese, candy and cakes sometimes and some vegetables. I know that I can cut down my intake of sugar to no sugar at all and I can change my diet so I eat more vegetables but is it something more I can do? I am training quite often, barefoot trail running and strengthening exercises like pull-ups (chins), pushups and so on. Is it something there that you think i can do better?

  7. I’m almost 66 and love hiking – particularly in northern Colorado. At the end of the month I’m there for only 2 weeks and want to make the most of it. In the winter I had a spinal fusion to correct a recently apparent problem from an old high school football injury. The therapy for that was walking which, of course, I love. For a few decades I would go out 2-3 times a week hiking up and down hills 7+ times or so for 45+ minutes with weights in a pack for my primary exercise. I’ve cut the weight to 20 lbs, and I’ve added fast walking (4mph where feet don’t go ahead of my body…) on most off days.

    I’ve been reading about anaerobic exercises and got a little confused. Your site seems to clarify it a little for me. I can walk 45 minutes at 5MPH with a heart rate of 140. (My heart could take more, but my legs can’t move faster.) Then I need to slow down a bit because the legs get tired. So I’ve been keeping the heart at 120 max except for every third day when I walk it up to 140 for 3 minutes and then down for maybe 4 minutes. Or hiking, I’ll get it up around 140 going up each of 6 hills (about 2 1/2 minutes) and ease off on the downs for those hills. I’ve also recently added swimming laps with rests (trying to keep under the heart under 120/max) to increase my strokes per breathe with a goal of 9 per breathe. I want to do this most every day for 20 or 25 minutes every day.

    So on the 3rd days, am I doing anaerobic exercise and is it too frequent/infrequent?

    Oh, I wear orthotics for my bunions. I will be hiking 18 miles on one or two hikes in August with no problems. Before the orthotics I had problems. If there is a way to avoid them, I would.

    Again, your site has about the best commentaries I’ve seen.

    • I don’t see a problem with that as long as you are progressing (you are getting fitter and your health is improving or at least not suffering). You may find times where for a few weeks you do more strenuous more often.

  8. Thanks. I’ve just started looking at formal training programs. In the past I would just “listen to my body” and try to “protect” my knees. I just don’t see much that specifically mentions seniors that are in pretty good condition. I appreciate your input. And the more I explore your site, the more I like it!

  9. Frankie says:

    Hey Doc,
    I wrote you recently about the inner knee pain that I’m experiencing.Anytime I do any kind of lateral movement,running,or squating both legs start to hurt.I just had an x-ray and mri done.Results were negative.The mri report showed no tears,fluid or structural damage.I’ve been doing trigger point therapy with no success and have addressed any adrenal gland issues.What do you suggest I do next?

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