Stress: “Make You, Break You”

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Stress: “Make You, Break You”


  1. Hey Doc,
    I’ve read your article on being injured and thought maybe I’m doing too much too soon.Here’s my rap sheet.Plantar fasciitis,meniscus/itb pain.I’ve been wearing a pair of zero drop Lem’s with a pair of Correct Toes for about 8 months with some knee and heel discomfort.But on most days can wear shoes pain free.I also have a pair of Alltra’s.I’m thinking that I should treat my pain before jumping into a pair of zero drops full time.I also notice that I have foot soreness from wearing the Lem’s.Is my body trying to tell me to fix the pain before I jump in?My plan is to wear the Alltra’s and depending how I feel slowly work in the Lem’s.And in the meantime treat the trigger points from my feet through legs.Sound like a plan?

    • If you have soreness from wearing certain shoes then you shouldn’t wear the shoes. You might need to ease off and figure out why you have the pain before you go more minimalist (less shoe).

  2. Hey Doc,
    Just read your article on trigger points.And read most of the comments as well.I’m looking for a self help way to treat my trigger points.Going to go to my nearest hardware store.Question I have is should I get a metal pipe or pvc?What about a lacrosse ball as well?Thanks

    • You can use a ball but ideally you use your hands. Definitely not metal piping; you’re remodeling a house :)

      “Also,about what size diameter should i be looking for?”

      Diameter of points can be a few mm or a few cm.

  3. Dear Doc,

    I still don’t understand that three-or-six meals per day according adrenal gland and cortisol. You insist on three meals per day (with lot of fat it is also fine with me), but for ppl who have problem with cortisol, a little stress over “i am a bit hunger but i will not take healthy sneak” can make stress and provoke more cortisol, push leaver to produce sugar and stop fat-burning process (if I understand well?), or not? Some doctors gives advices that in the beginning of diet (healing process…loosing wait…) we should eat 5-6 smaller meals. Could you clear this up for me, please? Thank you very much whatever happens. :)
    ps. I love you web site!

    • Correct – some suggest many small meals throughout the day to keep blood sugar levels stable. I too once used to suggest this to my patients. But guess what – none of them got better (their dysglycemia issues). You end up with habitually unstable blood sugar levels. So now, for most people, they do better with 3-4 large meals a day which also promotes fat burning. If your meals are verh high in carbs though you’ll drive adrenal gland problems as you mention.

  4. Nice balanced and well written article. The portion about the job loss is a classic example of compounding stress and worsening the problem. Does mindset and attitude towards life generally play a role? I keep on wondering if it is really that simple. In your clinic, just curious if you have done any analysis and comparison of family life, background, net-worth or income, kids, , sex life, etc. IMHO people who are after monetary gains are more highly-stressed.

    Anyway keep up the good work doc. Have a nice stress-free day :)

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